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  • Average Canadian household spent more on taxes than living costs in 2018, report finds

    Welcome to egalitarian government. In order to subsidize those who are not thriving, you must take from the thriving and set up a huge state which absorbs most of the money before giving some of it to “the poor” and “minorities.” In the meantime, the bureaucrats get $200k/yr jobs where they can do nothing most of the time if they type out a report twice a year that almost no one reads. This giant gang consists of people who support each other, so soon everyone joins it, like a union or cult. At some point, the naive infants known as “the taxpayers” or “We The People” alternately wake up and realize that everything they have is being stolen and wasted, just to support a parasite class of “educated” but morally corrupt and not quite intelligent people. We have taken a wealthy, healthy, and sane West and transformed it into a ruined society whose wealth will shortly depart as the original group that made it competent is bled to death by taxes, boredom, frustration, and the massive waste and inversion that makes daily life here existentially miserable.

  • Families Go Deep in Debt to Stay in the Middle Class

    Our incomes remain stagnant, but everything costs more. Where did the money go? Into taxes, of course, and that means that the cost of those taxes gets passed down to the consumer, who at the same time finds that jobs are less lucrative because employers are cutting salaries in order to pay all those taxes. Perhaps employers are punishing their employees for voting for all that “free” stuff that just takes money out of the economy, filters it through government which wastes most of it, and then dumps on it on the impoverished and clueless in order to keep them buying disposable junk and gadgets so that we can claim our economy is thriving.

  • GOP anxiety spikes after retirements, Democratic gains in Texas

    How did they not notice this was happening? They were too busy trying to show off how socially acceptable (in a Leftist time, like the postwar period: politically correct) they were and as a result, never tackled the issue of demographics. They wrote amnesty bills, ignored the border crisis, allowed obviously unconstitutional stuff like affirmative action and civil rights (and even birthright citizenship) to stand, and did nothing about the tax-and-spend class warfare welfare state that the Left had created. Now, they get a Darwin Award.

  • Florida latest place to declare emergency over hepatitis A

    This must be that “fundamental transformation” that Obama was talking about. Suddenly, we are awash in third world diseases.

  • Encinitas collapse: Bluff collapse kills 3 on beach; witness describes race to dig out victims

    Blow off infrastructure demands for fifty years while spending all your money on entitlements, and you too can die in an unnecessary bluff collapse.

  • Hong Kong protesters toss Chinese flag, clash with police

    China wants to take over the world. Hong Kong prefers the system set up by the British, which works better than Chinese hybrid Communism, which seems to turn everyone into an angry robot.

  • After court ruling, Confederate group won’t fly flag in Alpharetta parade

    “At first blush, it appears that defendants are not on a ‘good footing’ in prohibiting the exhibition of the Confederate battle flag; however, the timing of this suit does not sit well with the Court,” the judge wrote.

    The group filed the emergency lawsuit six days after the city sent a letter saying it wouldn’t allow the flag.

    Judge finds a reason to duck this one since he knows that it is a bomb. He either affirms the death of free speech and open expression, since in a diverse society every group will offend someone else, or he forces the city to allow a symbol that could result in diversity riots. With diversity, free speech and the open society are dead because we must embrace only that which is uncontroversial to all groups, which turns out to lean in favor of whoever complains the most. Has anyone else noticed how whiny and effete America has become as a result? It is a pretentious society of do-gooders who will face any problem but the real underlying lack of unity, purpose, and cooperation at the heart of our decayed empire.

  • Trump announces deal to expand US beef exports in the EU

    Our future has changed. Instead of trying to set up trade unions, we are going to negotiate directly between nations, which allows more specificity and quid pro quo instead of us simply accepting what the EU will offer us. The same will apply after Brexit; the UK — or maybe simply Britain — will find more favorable rates with other parties because it can make specific deals, instead of having to accept the EU and its massive backlog of rules and regulations. When you think about it this way, the EU looks a lot like a union: you have to take the bad along with the good in order to get access to the good. The Trump way looks more like a free market, where you simply negotiate for what you want.

  • Nine in ten young Brits believe their life lacks purpose, according to shocking new study

    When you only exist to work unnecessary jobs, pay taxes, and pursue personal whims, life has no meaning and you live in existential terror. It turns out that the great individualist revolution of The Enlightement™ through the WW1/2 pro-democracy regimes simply creates a giant shopping mall with private security in which nothing has any particular importance. The ensuing existential despair creates the root of white genocide, as European people die out from tedium and lack of meaning.

  • Federal judge strikes down Trump asylum ban

    Now it becomes clear why Trump and McConnell are fighting so hard to get conservative judges into the courts: Leftist judges always rule for the Left. These Leftists seem to be what Nietzsche erroneously describes as “nihilists” but are more appropriately known as fatalists: people who believe that life is fundamentally bad and are therefore possessed by an impulse to destroy. They know that all of this will end badly but take pleasure in the destruction of others and themselves, caught up in a (slow) murder-suicide kind of mentality. Perhaps it is time to admit that something has gone wrong with Leftists, and that if people were not insane before it, it drives them insane.

  • Italy’s Matteo Salvini accused of racism after ‘dirty gypsy’ comments

    The terms “racist” and “racism” once possessed some weight, but now it becomes clear that they are used to blast open doors. If you are afraid of being called a racist, you will never deny foreign people access to come to your country and become citizens, which serves the Left because it wants people who vote for it because it gives out free stuff. These immigrants are not the best people from their home countries, since they opted to flee rather than stay and fix what they could, which means that we are getting people looking for handouts. They will always vote Leftist and never vote conservative. That alone justifies sending them away and keeping them out, but in the even bigger picture, diversity never works and always tears societies apart, so it must end for Italy and other traditional cultures to survive.

  • Donald Trump’s ‘go back’ comments were ‘genius’, says Nigel Farage

    Farage, who has close links with the Trump administration, added: “I thought, ‘Dear, oh dear, oh dear’. You realise, 48 hours on, it was genius because what’s happened is the Democrats gather round the Squad, which allows him to say, ‘Oh look, the Squad are the centre of the Democratic party’.

    The Left got into power by defending “exceptions to the rule” and Trump drove them to do this, now permanently identifying the party with non-whiteness, socialism, and the desire to destroy what is left of the old America and replace it with a Soviet-style ideological state. Biden and Warren have always been kidding themselves; as in the minority-majority cities, once your electorate becomes diverse, only diverse candidates will win. Those will all endorse whatever destroys the majority. Trump simply spelled it out for America that these people are replicating the failed strategy that produced third world countries in the first place, and if we want a functional America, we need to push back against Leftism, diversity, and the civil rights laws that gave them disproportionate legal and political power in the first place.

  • White and well-off: Here’s what a typical Burner is like, according to Black Rock City census

    The whole Moon Tribe and Burning Man culture always struck me as inauthentic, basically a way for those who like to complain about our society but would not think of changing it to stage a symbolic revolt instead of pursuing realistic avenues. Now it turns out that, shock, these “cultures” consist mostly of white yuppies. I am working on a theory, a new variant of the Stevens Paradox, that states that what people have to tell you is true is the opposite of truth, and that whatever people espouse most fanatically as truth despite it being not in their interests will be the opposite of how they act. White yuppies live in white neighborhoods, hang out with other white yuppies, and do white yuppie things, but will be the first to say “diversity is our strength” when prompted, because that is what you do if you want to succeed, and you need a bunch of money so you can build yourself an artcar and haul off to Burning Man to take drugs and have promiscuous sex before returning to your corporate job, gated community, long commute past the ghetto, overpriced trendy products, broken family, and one-dimensional coworkers and neighbors made hollow by ideology.

  • Obama Presidential Center would have ‘adverse impact’ on historic Jackson Park, federal review concludes

    In a country, state, and city deeply in debt, the hideous Obama Presidential Center at $500 million ruffles feathers, but now someone has pointed out that it will essentially ruin the aesthetics of one of the few remaining un-ruined areas. Like Obama, the design is pretentious and inept, but is being forced on us in order to symbolize the triumph of equality over hierarchy. As all of us suffer through the post-Obama ruined American economic and social order, the enthusiasm for this vanity project fades.

  • Pentagon rejecting recruits over Chinese relatives and other foreign ties – despite need for foreign language skills

    Finally people are figuring out that blood is thicker than water, and people who are from foreign lands will continue to have allegiance to those peoples. It only took a few thousand incidents of Chinese espionage and fraud for us to figure out that for foreigners, this country is not their new home, but a place to exploit because we are too addled and bloated to put a stop to it.

  • Controversial gun store billboard calling four congresswomen “idiots” to be taken down

    You cannot have both diversity and an open society. In fact, you cannot have both diversity and a society. Diversity makes a late empire ruin where there are no social standards because any limitation on behavior will offend some group, resulting in libertine anarchy with a bare minimum of sanctions for murder, rape, and theft. Naturally, no one feels allegiance to such a committee-designed compromise, so the center cannot hold and the civilization falls apart.

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