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  • Donald Trump: Any Jew voting Democratic is uninformed or disloyal

    “Where has the Democratic Party gone?” Trump asked. “Where have they gone, where they’re defending these two people over the state of Israel? And I think any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat, I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.”

    The media outrage is fake; he is saying that Jewish people who vote Leftist have disloyalty to Judaism and Israel, where the crocodile tears media wants you to believe that he is accusing Jews of disloyalty to DeutschlandAmerica.

    In reality, he makes a good point. People vote against their own group interests in order to get those social status points, since voting for the destructive makes you look cool, iconoclastic, and above it all. At the same time, you gain status among the Left, which you only slowly realize is a replacement for your religion, culture, heritage, and soul.

  • Dana Pullman, former head of Massachusetts State Police union, and lobbyist arrested on conspiracy charges

    Yet another union guy caught being corrupt (a.k.a. “business as usual” for unions, which are linked to organized crime and far-Left movements). Unions take money out of the industry and pump it into the union, which makes union organizers fat, but at the same time they sabotage the quality of work and raise its costs above what the market can bear. Our illegal immigrant problem in America relates directly to unions and the Democrats that they support. End legal protection for unions, and you end this problem.

  • Berlin: German police carry out massive human trafficking raids

    Wherever diversity goes, human trafficking follows. Without a strong national culture, you cannot have prohibitions on certain bad behaviors; you only have law enforcement, which always arrives after the fact and catches only a few of the perpetrators. End diversity and human trafficking loses its financial incentive, since it only makes money by taking slaves from poor countries to rich ones and selling them for their higher value there.

  • Baffled student tells Twitter: ‘I’m not a Chinese agent’

    Whenever a media fracas pops up, Twitter and Facebook simply remove accounts that post Right-wing information and then claim those accounts were manipulated by Russia or China. This has nothing to do with making their services safe, and everything to do with making their services into propaganda engines so that they can develop an audience who buys “woke” products, especially media.

  • Shock in Denmark after Trump, spurned over Greenland, cancels visit

    Trump has tired of European preciousness. Being accustomed to living in wealthy societies where saying the “correct” thing is more important than achieving good results, Europeans tend to stunt around with political correctness and social status signaling. When they try it with Trump, commenting on his gesture to buy Greenland with haughty pearl-clutching outrage, he simply turns around on them and laughs them off. They are baffled; after all, they said the right thing. How can he not simply bow before the grand ideology of equality?

    Realists and symbolists inhabit entirely different worlds, and Trump as a realist has no interest in flattering the assembled herd. He wants what works. His attack on Denmark will both wake up Europe and conceal whatever he is doing in the background here, things which we will read about in coming weeks if we hear of them at all.

    As a master of media and salesmanship, Trump treats the media like a drunk stripper, first agreeing with them and then chiding them, having drawn them into his telling of the narrative instead of their own, and every time they whine about him, it merely looks like they want him all the more. His actions are causing Europeans to throw tantrums, which gives him a blank cheque to bully past them and do what he needs to do, anyway, since these leaders have now signaled that they are ineffectual because they are focused on image.

  • Trump administration ‘to announce plan to hold migrant children indefinitely in detention camps’

    The pincer strategy continues. Trump wants to make it riskier to come here and less rewarding to be here, which will use market forces against the flood of immigrants coming here for our more valuable currency (which they can send home) and our free social benefits (which they use to save costs). As it becomes riskier to be here, and they face more than being detained for two weeks, these migrants will think twice about rolling the dice with their own money to get here. As more of them are busted at work, and employers find that illegals are actually very expensive to hire, fewer will get hired. As more familiar faces disappear from the places that they live, they will start to return to their homelands where they are needed. This avoids sudden actions which might provoke revolution or an economic crash. Trump is handling this like a professional.

  • Trump says Europe will give him anything he wants: ‘All we have to do is tax their cars’

    Trump realizes that the European economies are sick and riding on the goodwill established by certain big name brands. In fact, we might just rename Europe “BMW” because their economy for the past ten years has subsisted on selling expensive cars to the third world and North America. When that goes away, so do their entitlements states, and suddenly Europe switches back from being very Leftist to being a place where people no longer rely on socialist-style policies. Trump is simply giving Europe fair warning of what will come if they continue to act like intransigent brats who gain popularity points for attempting to thwart him. Regime change is coming to Europe because this economic crash will coincide with the further collapse of their migrant diversity programs and the simultaneous need to ramp up military spending against the threat of China and Russia.

  • Trump says ‘I am the chosen one’ in tirade over looming recession and China trade war

    Globalism revealed how unstable it is when the 2008 Great Recession failed to go away. It turns out that sending all of your money to China by outsourcing all your manufacturing to them simply makes China powerful at our expense, and subsidizes Leftist hugbox Europe so it can continue its reckless entitlements states. When he says that he is the chosen one, he means that history has shifted and we need to catch up; globalism has died, and self-sufficiency is the future. An America which makes everything it consumes and then exports the extra is 100% solid, where an America dependent on world trade will find its economy drained by the lost opportunities there. While things will be tougher in the short term, we will dodge a fatal bullet in the long term. In addition, as US manufacturing and services rise, voters will finally be forced to understand the high costs of entitlements taxes, immigration, legal protection for unions, and the endless Obama-style regulations.

  • At least 27 people have been arrested over threats to commit mass attacks since the El Paso and Dayton shootings

    The media caused this disaster. When you can get instant fame for murdering people, all of the marginal cases — insanity, rage, personality disorders, drug abuse, bad parenting — will take advantage of the free ticket to social status immortality. They want their fifteen minutes of fame, and the media by fanning those flames in order to promote its agenda of gun control and further marginalization of white people is simply encouraging this behavior. Knock off the fetishism of violence and this goes away.

    As our president said, we create a culture of violence linked to celebrity:

    Second, we must stop the glorification of violence in our society. This includes the gruesome and grisly video games that are now commonplace. It is too easy today for troubled youth to surround themselves with a culture that celebrates violence. We must stop or substantially reduce this, and it has to begin immediately. Cultural change is hard, but each of us can choose to build a culture that celebrates the inherent worth and dignity of every human life. That’s what we have to do.

    We should ask ourselves why our culture has become so enraged that people want to kill pixels all the time. As far as “the inherent worth and dignity of every human life,” it is worth mentioning that he did not throw the word “equal” in there.

  • China threatens sanctions over US-Taiwan F-16 fighter plane deal

    And for the final act in this drama, Trump provokes China into self-destructing by imposing sanctions on the American products that it needs, further severing our economies and sending China further into deprivation. Like Reagan, he wants to defeat a bad guy without firing a shot by inducing them to suicide their own economies. No one will regret not being under the totalitarian rule of Communist-consumerist hybrid China.

  • The global impacts of domestic dogs on threatened vertebrates

    This one hit the news today. Humans everywhere live sloppily because there are no longer strong national cultures to scorn those who behave like moral and mental slobs. When we abandon dogs, they go out and eat everything that moves, killing off local wildlife. I remember seeing a man in Texas punch a dog once, and his neighbor dropped everything and came striding over with cold death in his eyes. Until we have this kind of cultural imperative to ensure the careful treatment of animals, and not their abandonment or allowing them to roam freely killing everything in sight, humanity will continue to be a blight on this Earth. Of course, under liberal democracy, we crushed strong national cultures and replaced them with mazes of rules, police, and dogma but these did not seem to address the issue.

  • 6 Senior Citizens Arrested For Public Sex in Fairfield

    With the breakdown of the family, we have aimless people, wandering around looking for stimulation.

  • Environmental pollution is associated with increased risk of psychiatric disorders in the US and Denmark

    Pollution will ascend as one of the issues of great importance in the twenty-first century. In particular, we keep finding that it correlates with anxiety disorders, associates with criminal behavior, and makes people miserable. Since we know that physical health problems cause mental health problems, and that presence of foreign chemicals to our environment can cause mutations and disease, it should surprise no one that air pollution is also a problem. Car exhaust will be the lead paint of future generations, that seemingly mundane everyday presence that is secretly eating our brains.

  • Why Drinking Water All Day Long Is Not the Best Way to Stay Hydrated

    Humans think in linear terms: add more of ingredient X to solve problem Y. It turns out that nature things in terms of duration, cycle, detail, and equilibrium, and this more complex approach proves more challenging but also more resilient and flexible.

  • Far-right party surge in eastern German regions threatens Merkel’s coalition

    Everywhere it has been tried, Leftism has alienated people despite a near-total level of control over the media and social/cultural influencers. The more people speak out sensibly and plainly, the more others join them. We are on the edge of massive change.

  • Trump considers new tax cut to boost US economy

    Government wastes your money on the fat salaries of elite bureaucrats and dumping cash on an underclass which seems unaware that it is alive, much less capable of conscious choice, mainly because its average IQ is in the low 90s. Any tax cut thus places more money in the hands of the people who earned it and the markets that can amplify it, and starves the parasitic beast that is liberal democratic government and its Keynesian socialist consumerist agenda.

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