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  • Proud Boys Wander Lost Through Portland as Police Allow Wild Goose Chase by Antifascists

    Police separate the two groups in order to avoid headlines the hurt the Left which come about when Antifa are allowed to attack and consequently go into their zombie rage and burn down trash cans, luxury stores, and limousines. The Left has awakened to the public relations threat of Antifa, but still wants to keep them around to scare the normals.

  • Human trafficking in America among worst in world: report

    People in the US buy a lot of sex, and this has resulted in the importation of many sex slaves. This is what happens when you give proles the vote and spending money.

  • Vegetarian student disqualified from GCSE paper for ‘obscene racial comments’ after she criticised halal meat

    We have given the worst and stupidest people in our society the power to ruin lives over simple papers that apparently they cannot even understand. Was this an affirmative action hire, or nepotism?

  • Government MPs alarmed over Chinese influence at Australian universities after pro-Beijing rallies

    Slowly, very slowly, the West is realizing that having an open society means that your competition and opposition simply buy their way in and control you. This is the tip of the iceberg, or maybe even just spotting the iceberg on the horizon. We know that PRC corporate espionage has penetrated our industry, that the Chinese bought many candidates like Bill Clinton, and that Hollywood movies are now censored in order to avoid offending China. In what else do their have their writhing fingers?

  • Ohio white nationalist, anti-Semite arrested for threatening to shoot up Jewish community center, police say

    Just in time for us to have some negative headlines about Antifa come out, here comes white nationalism to snare defeat from the jaws of victory, albeit in a small way. White Nationalism is more like Leftism, an ideology that does not have a practical vision of civilization, and it attracts people because they see what an utter and pervasive disaster diversity is. The White Nationalists have a point, but they need a whole political philosophy and some agenda other than triggering the Great Race War which no one wants. We need to seize control, disenfranchise the Left, and gently repatriate the Other. Anything else is going to end in pointless violence.

  • China warned it shouldn’t pin its hopes on Russian soybeans plugging supply gap caused by US trade war

    Russia cannot produce enough soybeans to satisfy Chinese demand. They are going to find out that this is true of many things for which they rely on the West. This means that Trump will win his trade war, because soybeans are only the start of an avalanche of deprivation that newly-empowered Chinese consumers will face.

  • Cambridge admits first tranche of ‘second chance’ disadvantaged students to boost diversity

    Why is grade inflation a problem? We keep adjusting standards downward to achieve equality for the poor, other ethnic groups, and sensitive political interests. The only way to do this “fairly” is to make everything easier, and then it would look bad if any of these subsidy students scored poorly, so everyone gets their grades bumped up. If you wonder why a college degree no longer guarantees the good life, look toward these types of affirmative action style policies.

  • Mexico City assesses monument damage after anti-rape march

    Everywhere they go, the angry mob — formed of those who seemingly lack the will or ability to make something of themselves, whether financially or socially — destroys nice things and leaves behind a graffiti-smeared ghetto. At what point do we simply recognize these people are failed lives and deport them somewhere else? Mexico can send its failed Mexicans to Venezuela.

  • Wind power prices now lower than the cost of natural gas

    In inverted times, headlines and slogans generally say the opposite of what the facts indicate.

    Wind is even cheaper at the moment because of a tax credit given to renewable energy generation. But that credit is in the process of fading out, leading to long term uncertainty in a power market where demand is generally stable or dropping.

    We are in the pocket between the creation of something in a cloud of hype and the realization of its actual cost. Thanks to subsidies, wind is cheaper now; when the subsidies go away, the market is in trouble. At that point, we will have to start maintaining and replacing these wind turbines, which are not cheap, and figuring how to sell the giant masses of landfill that we will create as a result.

  • Trump: ‘The European Union is worse than China’

    The European Union started as a financial project, and now operates like a cartel for European brands, which would otherwise be inaccessible due to the high cost of subsidizing the socialist style European cradle-to-grave entitlements states. When the trade war takes out China, Europe will suffer hardest, at just the time when they need to upgrade their military presence. Entitlements are doomed, and with them, liberal democracy will perish (especially as people get the bills for bailing out their indebted, top-heavy, and incompetent governments).

  • Providence bicycle mob blocks traffic, assaults people, steals snacks

    Unofficial race war on our streets. Once we had a stable nation, and because of that stability, it was prosperous. What do we have now?

  • Making India more Hindu, one test at a time

    India has figured out Nationalism Club. In this elite level, you make sure that your people are roughly homogeneous in terms of religion, race, culture, and ethnic group. This promotes unity and makes your country stronger, allowing many things to operate without a constant bureaucratic ideological nanny state having to enforce “social engineering” to make everyone do the politically-correct thing.

  • Pension age should rise to 75, Tory think tank report says

    Worldwide, governments are broke and finding their currencies are worth less because so many jobs are creations of the state and do not actually achieve anything productive in real-world terms. Consequently, they are looking around and wondering what else they can steal. They want to raise the retirement age in order to cut their obligations to pay out pension entitlements, since those are expensive with people living longer than is convenient. Maybe those death panels — I laughed at this ridiculous conspiracy theory, or so I thought it was — will come about as the high costs of socialized medicine and entitlement pensions together drive governments closer to having no operating capital. Luckily, the voters cast their votes for this, so in theory no one is to blame, although everyone will suffer in the end for it.

  • A rural town confronts its buried history of mass killings of black Americans

    Another propaganda piece. Race riots are a common feature in America, and when the white side wins, the Left wails. When someone else wins, the Left quickly finds ways to blame institutionalized racism. Now they want more guilt, so they can get more cash from the nice bovine white suburban voters. However, there seems to be a problem, in that the narrative may not be true:

    But so far no documents have emerged to corroborate any oral claims of land theft, according to Brian Mitchell. Together with his graduate students, Mitchell has tracked down more than 10,000 documents, often going through attics and old office buildings.

    “In fact, we looked at the 1910 census to see if there was substantial land ownership there, and we didn’t see much black land ownership and we haven’t seen any documents that pull that narrative together,” Mitchell said.

  • Germany’s Jewish council warns against AfD’s ‘right-wing extremism’

    Leftist dummies continue to try to fight the change in history. Liberal democracy had seventy years to demonstrate that it could achieve the benefits that it promised, and instead it has made the world bankrupt. After the Cold War, we settled into Leftism as the last man standing until 2008, when it became clear that our pursuit of Leftist ideological objectives had resulted in a worldwide Great Recession. That killed the globalism dream, and we are now adjusting to this by going back to nationalism. That means Jews in Israel, and Germany for (ethnic) Germans.

  • Barstool Sports founder railed against unions. Now his threats are under investigation.

    Unions have always been parasites, much like the Left have. They take money from thriving things and give it to professional Leftists. Then, suddenly, costs have gotten too high and so quality is cut and eventually, the business outsources, hires illegals, or goes overseas. Normal people lose every time, but the lottery-players of the working class always hope for that nice free payoff of money that comes from somewhere and has no consequences. These people will have to be disenfranchised for civilization to continue.

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