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  • Nearly half of teachers spent own cash on basic necessities for pupils last year

    Like in America, in the UK they spent all their money on diversity programs, speech therapists, psychologists, security, and bureaucrats. Now they wonder why there is no money for basic necessities.

  • Newton pawn shop to pay $2m in firearm lawsuit after 3 killed

    They have figured out how they will take your guns: they are going to sue gun makers, gun sellers, and shooting ranges into oblivion. Then, you have the legal right to own guns, but you will be unable to find any. So clever!

  • Lyra McKee: Journalist shot dead during Derry rioting

    Useless SJW journalist sucks on a bullet during diversity riot in Ireland. Paper fills its pages with praise for her integrity, bravery, and ethics without mentioning a single useful thing she ever did. Interview with her cats, up next.

  • ‘I’ve been killing them for 20 years… on 5 different continents’: Man cited after racist rant

    This is how they will make sure that you never speak out against diversity. This guy was drunk and got a drunk and disorderly, but the Leftist-obedient press made sure to smear his name everywhere, so he will be working at Whataburger for the rest of his life. Their job is to crucify anyone who steps out of line, and force anyone important to drink hemlock. Our job is to seize power and send them all to Venezuela.

  • apologizes for ad criticized for romanticizing slavery runs SJW ad praising race mixing, and promptly receives backlash. The diversity fracas will never be over because as long as there is one white person remaining from whom money can be extorted, the jihad will continue. The only solution is to end diversity now. Boats to Africa, Asia, the middle east, and most of all, Ireland. Never forget whose votes tipped the balance for the North!

  • Germany’s AfD claims Notre-Dame fire linked to anti-Christian attacks

    It does not matter how the fire started. Whether a Muslim lit it or not, diversity means that you cannot have your traditions, including religion. Fight diversity, not Muslims. The clever Left knew that if they hid or obscured the origins of this fire, namely by quickly announcing that it was accidental without any proof, they could provoke the Right into doing this. The two sides are like drunk lovers in a codependent relationship.

  • Councils accused of ‘social cleansing’ as fines issued for rough sleeping in breach of government guidelines

    Social cleansing (like ethnic cleansing, but social, you see) is an idea for our new era. People want a removal of those who are not with the program. They want productive, useful, and non-harmful people around. Statistically, your child is most likely to be raped by a stepfather or uncle, but a homeless person will do it as well, so if you are living a normal life, having homeless people — almost all crazy, alcoholic, or addicted to drugs — is a threat. Sane people do not object to removal of the homeless, not because they are poor, but because of the reasons that they are poor.

  • UNC women’s basketball coach resigns after review finds she made ‘racially insensitive’ remarks

    Another life destroyed for the pretense that diversity is working. Never resign; always make them fire you. They say it will be worse for you, but keep in mind that if you are fired, you can sue them. They simply want to make the problem of people agitating go away; this is the “heckler’s veto” in another form. The longer you hold out, the more desperate they get, and they may even offer you severance or a pension just to make you go away quietly. Never be quiet. The pretense of being good, orderly, and open for commerce is what these parasites rely on.

  • Electric vehicles emit more CO2 than diesel ones, German study shows

    Essentially, it costs a lot of energy to make all those batteries, and your car is still powered by electric power generated by burning coal. We should focus on the root of the problem instead: why are people driving so much, and transporting so much cargo? All of our environmental problems originate in the fact that we have too many people to leave half of nature untouched; if we left half of the land independent of all human intervention, we could do essentially whatever we wanted. However, that would limit the world population to under four billion, and all of those smiling idiotic faces out there are equal too so we cannot say “no” to anyone…

  • Debate over future Notre-Dame spire fuels French divisions

    Human neurosis and insanity have infinite energy because they spend no actual energy on adapting to reality. Morons want to make the design for the Notre-Dame cathedral roof either (a) modernistic and/or (b) multicultural, which is their way of projecting our current thinking onto the past so that we can confirm this thinking as good/realistic in our minds without looking into whether that is actually so. In the meantime, common sense and uncommon sense both suggest that we rebuild it as it was. Not only does that create a unique brand for the French and unify them as a culture, but also it provides a tourist attraction that many show up to see every year. Will they fly over to view a Chipotle-styled modern, jazzy, and multicultural Notre-Dame? Probably not, since they can find that kind of architecture at their local shopping mall. The rare is valuable, the mundane is not, and both modern design and multiculturalism represent the mundane, not the exceptional. We might simply call them entropy rationalizations, rather than affirmative and forward philosophies in themselves.

  • Shitposting to the Senate: How the alt-right infiltrated Parliament

    We did not infiltrate; we arose because Leftism does not work. We are not a central agency somewhere, like “Russia” in the American Leftist mythos, orchestrating worldwide change. We are normal people who snapped to awareness of the fact that liberal democracy, equality, diversity, pluralism, utilitarianism, and individualism are symptoms of decay rationalized as “progress” and “moral good” and that all of these things are failing around us. We either renew and rebuild our civilization or become another third-world shithole.

  • Jordan Peterson and Marie Kondo: Self-Help for Last Men

    An interesting critique of Jordan Peterson. In my view, JP is like Milo Yiannopolous, Allum Bokhari, Rand Paul, and Ben Shapiro: a gateway out of the egalitarian delusion that uses egalitarian ideas as a means to open up a pathway to natural selection. Libertarianism generally is this way; it consists of Leftists who no longer want to be Leftist, since they see that egalitarianism brings incompetence and thus misery. As a gateway drug, they function well, but like Ayn Rand or George Orwell, they are for teenagers who will later grow up and find the Old Right, if they have the mental and moral fortitude to do so.

  • 92-year-old ex-SS guard charged with 5,230 counts of accessory to murder

    Today in political show trials… “it’s not that diversity doesn’t work, it’s that these bad people prevented it from working!” In the meantime, most people are tired of hearing about the Holocaust because it merges with the other diversity propaganda we receive, and all of that is counter-factual. Allowing Leftists to become champions of the Holocaust narrative has killed it and this is why the smarter Jewish thinkers are dropping it.

  • Anti-inflammatory medicine can have a beneficial effect on depression

    The twenty-first century is when we wake up from the false crisis, which is a need to enforce human rights everywhere and fully granularize our societies so that no one feels downranked, and pay attention to actual crises, such as the fact that we have made a toxic environment for ourselves and nature. Lack of sleep is the primary driver of inflammation; this suggests that we are making ourselves sick with a world of distractions and constant car traffic.

  • Lawsuit Fights ‘Coerced’ Mandatory Texas Bar Membership

    Texas lawyers no longer want to pay high yearly fees that then go to diversity programs. Like civil rights, diversity became a universally-accepted “good” thing, and therefore, always justified expansion of government and more taxes. This put the sheep back to sleep for awhile but now people are fighting back. In reality: the board should do nothing but license lawyers. Leave the altruistic Superman stuff to organizations which do not demand mandatory fees.

  • School daze: Contractor misspells crosswalk

    SCOHOL. Welcome to post-diversity America, where few people speak English and most of them are complete idiots who, as in the Soviet Union, are just showing up to do the minimum because they are tired of compulsory and personally unrewarding activities. As with all human attempts to “do the right thing” instead of simply “adapt to reality,” the great liberal-freedom experiment in America ends in ruins.

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