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  • Global investors haven’t been this worried about the economy since 2016

    The vaunted globalist economy lost steam and now uncertainty reigns. It used to be clear that there was a procedure, namely the flow of first-world money to the third world for manufacturing and then the selling of those products worldwide, but now the flow has been disturbed by a need for self-sufficiency in America. This has caused doubt about FAANG stocks and Chinese industries mainly because, at some level, everyone knows that the figures are cooked and we are all wondering where the bottom is. Trump knew he was racing against time when he got into office, and if he can stave off the 2020 recession in America, a self-sufficient America will emerge as leader of the world economy again while the losers go to war.

  • Brazil’s Bolsonaro says Holocaust crimes can be forgiven, but not forgotten

    Bolsonaro states the obvious: it serves no one to continue a cycle of guilt and blame for a war in which seventy million people died. We should learn from it, and move on. This outrages those who depend on Holocaust guilt as a means to advancing political power, but these people have no idea how widely skepticism about the Holocaust narrative has spread. When you use something as propaganda, it gets treated like propaganda, and that coupled with holes in the Anglo-Soviet propaganda campaign has allowed groups like Muslims and white nationalists to subvert the narrative. Fighting this battle over and over again merely defames nationalism for the mistakes of the Nazis and the British, who could have avoided the whole thing by allowing Hitler to relocate Jewish refugees to Israel. Few will state the grim eugenic truth of the Holocaust: the wealthier Western European Jews survived, while the poorer Jews and Eastern European Jews died, leaving a smarter, better educated, and more capable Jewish population. As with other times in human history, population bottlenecks leave behind a higher grade of people.

  • Should All Thefts Be Prosecuted? Dallas County’s District Attorney Says No

    In an open letter, Creuzot discussed his commitment to not charge some lower-level drug crimes, which are enforced more often when offenders are people of color.

    Diversity destroys society because a civilization requires unity. In the time before the fall, it weaponizes groups against one another because a minority group will not have a stable position until it conquers the majority and then the other minorities. As history shows us, diversity leads to nothing but low-grade ethnic intimidation and warfare. This has become clear in South Africa, where diversity does not work for Chinese either, causing a breakdown in the whites-oppressing-blacks narrative and a focus, instead of looking for a “bad” ethnic group, on the nature of diversity as bad. In the West, even in golden retriever level tolerant nations like Canada, the ongoing failure of diversity has prompted a desire to rethink immigration policy because it is not working out well so far. In fact, even half-Armenian Cher thinks we might be full and should focus on taking care of the people that we already have. These are the first cracks in the diversity narrative, and will rapidly be replaced with people who voice what they have been doing with their real estate and personal decisions for decades, namely withdrawing from diversity into their own groups. If you wonder why this country feels like it has fallen apart except for the duct tape holding it barely together, you might point the finger at diversity, which destroys every society that it touches, no matter how “good” or “bad” (or “nice” and “smart”) the groups involved are.

  • Finns to vote on how best to save their welfare state

    The Leftists came out narrowly ahead, but the Right did not perform poorly, showing how much faith is being shaken in our systems. Ever notice that all we do now is debate how to divide up the entitlements? There is no sense of achieving anything, only spreading around the wealth of the inventions of the past. The same is true in the USA where a hilarious candidate proposes that we make college free in order to ease its transition into being four more years of high school… more free stuff, more money coming from who-knows-where, with all of suspecting at a gut level that we will just borrow more and postpone the crash for some future generation. Maybe our grandkids will see a $50 trillion dollar debt, and they might be even able to pass that down to their grandkids at $100 trillion, before the whole thing kisses pavement and someone must either (a) pay up or (b) devalue their currency and be seen as citizens of a failed state. We act like we hate future generations, possibly for being alive when we will not be. In Mexico, the new government wants to steal stolen wealth and spread it, mainly because the free stuff army wins elections, while responsibility wins only enemies. The same is true of our laws as well as our economy; we give out civil rights and set up precedents so that we can never go back to having more unity through having standards, only “forward” to more libertinism and social chaos. You have the freedom to obey, citizen, and if your standards conflict with this, then you are the new Hitler, so prepare to have your life destroyed. In Europe, they experimented with the government of thousands of little rules years ago, and converted the continent into a bureaucracy which promptly rendered itself impotent except for that little hiccup in the 1940s. Now we do the same, tying our hands so that we can fight over which special interests get the money, not realizing that entitlements are entirely toxic and transformative. Once created, they cannot be removed, and people no longer pay attention to reality, but focus entirely on jobs and government. They are completely owned by these systems yet fight for them because otherwise, their benefits might up and disappear. This is a terminal spin which can only end in a big crash.

  • Israel Folau: Australia end player’s contract over anti-gay message

    Even if you are The Diversity, if you do not support the civil rights expansion agenda, you must have your career ruined and your life destroyed. You are a sacrifice so that the rest of us can continue living in illusion. We want to believe this will all turn out well, even though it is clear that it will not and cannot. Societies that formerly prided themselves in being “free” and “open” have now become dedicated to the same type of censorship as totalitarians in the name of avoiding noticing by citizens that our policies have failed, which causes people to ascertain that if we do not change these policies, worse doom awaits. We are living in what is rapidly becoming a police state based on surveillance, keeping secret files on citizens, and “getting people into the system” when they step out of line. This shows that our societies have become unstable and are held together only by increasingly totalitarian law enforcement which requires us to criminalize criticism of our status quo to the point of being effectively a one-party state. Funny how this always happens when Leftists gain control. Big business has gotten into the game of content policing as well, mostly to avoid being regulated, while freely abusing user information since there are zero real consequences. Without Facebook, cell phone intercepts, internet monitoring, and lots of confidential informants, our social order and political system would collapse immediately. This tells us that we are not strong, but weak. The future guarantees more action against dissidents so that we can all continue living in happy oblivion, like slipping into a warm bath after barely feeling the whisper cuts of the razor along our veins… sweet dreams, remnants of Western Civilization. We barely knew ye, and now the world can settle into comfortable worldwide mediocrity, and the universe will hear nothing more from humanity. Just another failed species. Sleep well.

  • Indicators of despair rising among Gen X-ers entering middle age

    The first generation to grow up in our postmodern plastic Hell finds itself wondering why life has no meaning. We live in a society based on material safety and fulfilling of material wants, and we have thrown away any sense of culture, purpose, or meaning in exchange for being perpetual shoppers, wondering “What do I want today?” without realizing that our real wants consist of bonding with our world and finding meaning in it. We cannot have that with democracy, socialist entitlements, equality, diversity, bureaucracy, and a managerial state… they address fears, crises, issues, doubts, and keeping people in line behaving as equally inoffensive beings. They do not address quests, hopes, and aspirations. Your only future plans can involve working within the system, namely careers and politically-correct behaviors. Many see careers as a great blessing because they distract us from the void within, in addition to the pointlessness of laboring for a dying and purposeless civilization, but others note that the more they force us to look happy, the more miserable we are. It turns out that most of what we are doing is unnecessary, and that we are only doing it in order to keep people under control and generate false wealth, which means that we are wasting our irreplaceable time on financial activities which are ultimately not healthy for the economy or ourselves. No wonder Gen X have a midlife crisis; they never had a childhood, basically having to take care of their licentious Boomer parents, and now they have never had a life at all. Work, shop, drink, sleep, repeat.

  • Houston Police Chief Blasts Order to Deport 11-Year-Old Girl Alone: ‘Nazi’s Enforced Their Laws as Well’

    Minorities do not hate you and minorities are not bad. However, any group when it comes to a new nation has one subconscious goal, and that is to conquer you. They will weaponize your guilt against you, play off your fear of looking like a mean anti-egalitarian, and use the vote to enslave you to taxes so you live in misery and spend too much time at work and produce smaller families, all so that the minority groups can take over. Thus is the nature of diversity, wherever and whenever it is tried.

  • Why did Trump say his dad was German? He lies so much he doesn’t know the truth

    You rarely see it this plainly stated. Neurotic Leftist argues that your political citizenship defines your ethnicity, and that nothing else — like the genetic roots of your forebears — matters. All that you must do is be a good Sovietpatriot and swear allegiance to your government, its ideology, and its political, legal, and economic systems. OBEY

  • Brexhaustion: Long, grinding Brexit is stressing people out

    This is how bureaucrats always win. They take whatever is necessary and damage it, making it boring and painful, so that people accept whatever lesser option that the bureaucrats offer.

  • Rise of safetyism poses the question, are we going soft?

    “Safetyism” could be a keyword to the fall of the West. Instead of looking outward toward challenges in life, we started looking within our society to try to make everyone feel accepted, which kicked off a spate of individualistic theories from the Magna Carta to the Enlightenment. Now we face a time where your prospects in life are regulated by the herd, and whatever the herd approves of, you adopt so that you become popular so that you become powerful; this replaces the old way of granting power for constructive activity or good deeds. Not surprisingly, this is creating a convergence on socialism and political correctness as a means of eliminating unpopular thoughts of hierarchy, which implies a ranking by competence and thus a scorn for incompetence, a mode of thought that calls to mind natural selection, which scares us because each person fears that he will be the one selected out. Safetyism turns societies from groups of doers to herds of conformists, and these never manage to achieve anything great again.

  • ‘Attenborough effect’ leads to 53% drop in single use plastic in 12 months

    Nationalism states that we exclude all other ethnic and racial groups so that we can have unity and rule ourselves through culture instead of bureaucratic government. That does not mean that we would lack leaders, only that they would not concern themselves with day-to-day events within society but focus on big things and most of all, forward direction toward new challenges. Some say culture rule would not work because people are selfish, but the good people surprise you; when they see clearly how something is bad, they will move away from it. We need them to do that to diversity, equality, and democracy (D.E.a.D.).

  • Prostitution coming under scrutiny in Amsterdam, red-light capital of the world

    People figured we would try the degeneracy, since if we managed it — the theory went — it was less likely to overwhelm our societies. It turns out that it just spreads, so people want it gone, and a shift from seeing people as economic units toward seeing each of us as having a role in maintaining civilization, nature, and the holy.

    “The mood has changed. Buying sex is just wrong,” said Natasja Bos, one of two co-founders of the Christian and feminist-inspired protest group Exxpose, which put forward the petition. “The ‘Nordic’ model of prostitution laws, where it is not acceptable that women or people in general are a product to be sold, is in the ascendent.”

    The cultural wave that is pushing back against modernity recognizes at some level that equality backfires because it gives people license to make poor decisions, and most of them run screaming into the abyss and then cannot come back out. Instead, we want roles and standards, and that requires abolishing diversity and permissiveness, and instead of focusing on rights, looking at integrity, sanctity, and purpose to life.

  • One in five cases of childhood asthma tied to pollution from cars and trucks, global study finds

    We dedicated the last century to ignoring the effects of our actions and reckless growth in favor of looking at democracy, equality, and human/civil rights as a way to divide up the wealth so that no one claimed to be discriminated against. Now, finally, we are turning to the backlog of stupid things we have done, including our habit of making unlivable cities so that everyone spends hours a day driving around while trucks deliver masses of disposable goods that end up in the landfill only a short time later. It was semi-taboo to report on this in the past because no one wanted to hear that our economies were built on nonsense that would kill us, but now people are slowly waking up to how toxic our world is. Next they may even realize that careers crush souls, that people are existentially miserable, and that we were happier with kings instead of bureaucracies.

  • Fifty shades of white: the long fight against racism in romance novels

    Instead of Two Minutes Hate, we have Two Minutes Guilt because shame controls more than rage. Shame plays into fear, and in order to dispel this fear, people confess so that they can be affirmed as acceptable and stop worrying about the possibility of lost social status. To address this need, our compliant Leftist media constantly runs articles like this, worrying and complaining about how our foreign immigrants have not been fully integrated by us. We are told that we must include them because otherwise they would feel bad for not having created what we could. This applies to race, class, religion, ethnicity, and even individuals; if any one of us is not feeling equally appreciated, we are supposed to feel bad. Envy justifying parasitism is the pathology of our time.

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