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Oy vey! JQ or Randian Nationalism?

YouTube channel N of 1 is shutting down:

Thinking points:

  • The divide he mentions between subjective self-interest and “objective” group-interest remains the center of our political confusion in the West today. I favor the Jewish approach, as he portrays it and I have seen it, which is to have strong group identity instead of pure individualism. Religion, culture, and tribe stop people from the Tragedy of the Commons, which is simultaneously a critique of Leftism and Libertarianism.
  • Kevin MacDonald is a great thinker, but some of us believe that his thesis regarding the Jewish population requires analysis in order to separate behaviors which are imposed by diversity itself from attributes which are typical of Judaism or the Jewish people. It is too easy to see Other groups as having some unique attribute of attacking us, when in fact they are acting in self-interest which clashes with ours.
  • His “Ultra-Reactionary” outlook, as well as his Randian Nationalism, bear further study. In my view, Libertarianism (including the unrealistic NAP) requires some type of strong culture, and strong culture requires ethnic nationalism. The Jewish sages understood this only after their population had become a mixed-race group of Europeans, Asians, and North Africans.
  • He strikes on a shadow of his major theme when he says that he thinks the JQ is not the question, but that criminal enforcement is, and that civilization is based on having rules and punishing infringers no matter what their background. While this does not touch the thesis of Amerika, namely that diversity is death because it enforces a false objectivity based on massively loosened semi-arbitrary subjective cultural remnants, it points us toward a better path than trying to scapegoat the Jews for the dumb stuff that all of humanity seems to be doing, in the same way that scapegoating the Christians, the rich, and the White does not work either.
  • The idea of mutual tolerance, or benevolent xenophobia, strikes me as important for human preservation. When we try to force everyone to be nice to each other, we end up with a “Violent Pacification” situation:

    Forces united the choice is yours
    Violent pacification

    We’ll force you to be nice to each other
    Kill you before you kill each other

    I think about this song a great deal when contemplating globalism, the NWO, world federalism, world communism, and the worldwide network of labor unions. All of these things are based on the principle of unity, where nature operates by disunity, which means that actions take longer and must be indirect, but that if something fails, it fails locally instead of bringing down everyone under its aegis.

  • He talks ultimately about the survival of humanity by recognizing (honestly) our racial differences, to which I add ethnic differences, cultural and religious differences, and social class differences, or perhaps genetic hierarchy in general. Without that social hierarchy, one does not have the kind of stable society where Libertarian economic principles apply.

As some recall, I appeared on this show some time ago and had a great time:

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