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Outliers (#63)

  • The Growing Threat of “White Supremacy”

    John Derbyshire mentioned the Chinese proverb of the emperor who presented his court with a deer and said it was a horse. It is an apt story which I’m probably butchering but go along with me. In the story, this emperor wanted to know which of his courtiers would go along with him. So when he presented the deer as a horse, his various courtiers either said the horse was in fact a deer (in other words were committed to telling the truth). Others remained silent. Some said that the deer was a horse (whatever the emperor said is good enough for me!). The emperor had all the people who correctly identified the deer killed.

    This is where we are. Those who dare speak the absolute truth or at least give reasonable arguments are being set upon by people drunk with ever-accumulating power. The “white supremacy” smear is just one of the tools.

  • Vegan Beyond Meat burgers are just ultra-processed patties that can be bad for our health

    Just because a product is plant-based, doesn’t mean it’s automatically healthy. “French fries are plant-based,” Langer pointed out.

    In fact, Aroma’s vegan burger (made with a Beyond Meat patty) and salad will set you back 990 calories, 63.9 grams of fat and 1,530 milligrams of sodium.

    990 calories for one meal? The blōt continues.

  • The Answer is Cultural Fascism

    Ordered liberty is a complex system. A lot of hard work has to be done first before anyone else can have it kind of easy. Once that hard work is done and a system is in place, that system will limit things. People will rebel against the system, man. They will not see the higher purpose of everyone only getting some of what they want. They want it all the way the silly toddler wants a foo-foo toy. So they turn to Marxism which promises to smash the system so that they can have it all.

    ALL successful past societies have used discrimination and order to guard against degeneracy and chaos. The constraints of rules and order, when coupled with the ideals of virtue and beauty, produce the upward ascendancy of society and great works from men. Entropy is a constant threat to all living systems; order, discipline, and standards are the means to avert the Entropy. Marxism, however, is Entropy on steroids – its one aim is the destruction of the foundations of civilization. Marxists label everyone who opposes them “fascists” because only fascism (the maintenance and restoration of order, natural law and harmony) is effective against the chaos and destruction of Marxism. As a result, in a system that still has some vigor and health, Marxism begets Fascism.

    Than, once the system is smashed; you discover why there was a system. You also have a problem. All the carefully crated institutions have been burned and none of the terms that used to facilitate intelligent and meaningful communication remain freighted with their original useful meanings. You have to build that sucker back up from the ground. This requires a lot of reorganization and hard work. It requires that others get made to do work they don’t want to do.

    Then, comes fascism. Pinochet can fix what’s been blown up. Nobody liked Pinochet, it sux getting tossed from the chopper. But the only reason Chile is way better off than Venezuela is because one had Pinochet and the other Hugo Chavez. When your country has been infected with Marxism, only Fascism will bring that nation back. It will come to Amerika, or there will one day no longer be an Amerika.

  • Time to Take the Lead

    Religious and social conservatives, not classical liberals and libertarians, need to lead American conservatism. Our society is riven by identity politics. We are divided into economic winners and losers. Our leadership class drips with disdain for ordinary people in “flyover” country. Classical liberalism and the “neutral public square” that Bret Stephens and others champion cannot heal these wounds. Rights and procedural fairness, important as they remain, cannot move us forward. We need the language of covenant and solidarity—the natural language of religious and social conservatives.

    Ending the 1960s-era reign of fusionism invented by fake WASP [[[ William F. Buckley ]]].

  • The White Nationalist Bogeyman

    Again, the apparent goal of these recent shooting events — whether anyone was hurt or not (likely not) — is to ratchet up the attack on “white nationalism” and to move to the next level of censorship and containment of patriotic resistance.

  • Is Trump Capturing the ‘Law and Order’ Issue?

    All successful Rightists eventually capture the Law and Order Issue. You can’t not capture it when engaged in the restoration or preservation of enlightened order. Law and Order cuts far deeper than just getting a bunch of burly and aggressive blue shirts on the street to crack a few heads with a nightstick. That has a time and a place, but it can’t be the whole story. Law and Order really only prevails when a critical mass of a people reach an understanding first set forth by Aristotle. “I have gained this from my philosophy. I do of my own free will what others only do from fear of the law.”

    This harmonic, self-imposed order truly captures the essence of law and order. You don’t need the knit-picking regulations and constant troops on the street corners when a majority of the population realizes they no longer can withstand having the type of street corner an army has to occupy and pacify if they want a happy and successful life. If President Trump can make us all realize that, then Pat Buchanan will be proven right. Donald Trump will have then captured the Law and Order Issue.

  • Wisdom From C. Chauncey Burr, dated 1863

    Our fathers transmitted a priceless boon of government to us; and, by an eternal law of Providence, we must send it down to our posterity, a boon or a bane. As we act to-day, must our children curse or bless our memories. As we act to-day, shall we transmit to the generations of our offspring the sacred principles of self-government and liberty, or those of anarchy and despotism. The blood of our fathers was poured out like rain in defense of those principles.

    And not only of our fathers, but of hundreds of thousands of Saxons in England, even before the time of feudalism. For old England, under her Saxon kings, was a kingly confederacy. That was the old Saxon idea of liberty, that the people should somehow rule.

  • The End Times Explained

    I have told you over and over and over until I’m blue in the face that government, any government to include your precious National Socialism will always move to the left.

  • Just who is the hater?

    The Left and the Democrats have done everything in there power to make it look like only whites can hate. Yet, starting with the Democrats a couple of centuries ago they’ve worked tirelessly to create a caste system in the U.S.A. The Left has simply grown from that program. In there system it is only “us or them” and if you’re not one of “us” then you’re a hater and must be eliminated.

  • Men Are Stronger Than Women

    Men have about 61 percent more muscle mass than women (which is attributed to higher levels of testosterone); most of the muscle mass difference is allocated to the upper body—men have about 75 percent more arm muscle mass than women which accounts for 90 percent greater upper body strength in men. Men also have about 50 percent more muscle mass than women, while this higher percentage of muscle mass is then related to men’s 65 percent greater lower body strength.

  • Against Against Billionaire Philanthropy

    So a lot of Leftists have noticed something accurate about Billionaire Philanthropy. Free money is like free speech and free health care. It doesn’t exist. Everything comes at a transactional price. If Daddy Warbucks bankrolls your pet activity, then it is no longer really your pet activity. The ever-astute Mathew Iglesias and others of his delusional ilk are now indignant. They were not similarly indignant prior to the checks clearing the bank. This is classic power-jockeying amongst the apes with car keys and school loans. Scott Alexander is just letting people know the truth here. Words of wisdom follow.

    No. My whole point is that if you force everyone to centralize all money and power into one giant organization with a single point of failure, then when that single point of failure fails, you’re really screwed.

  • Anti-evil Operations

    Hard-banned sites are completely new to me. I have not seen this behavior before this month and I have been moderating on reddit since 2014. I suspect it is a completely new system put in place and is likely coordinated with other pushes by big tech firms, such as the big update at google early this month which effectively deplatformed many small independent news sites.

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