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Our third-world garbage problem

(Remember, America is going to become more like Mexico and more like Africa as our demographic changes — so we’ll face this sooner than you think.)

Mexico City is facing a crisis over where to put its trash — enough to fill four sports stadiums a year — with its sprawling dump already crammed to bursting and under a closure order.

One of the world’s biggest landfills, the Nezahualcoyotl dump site is a fifth the size of Manhattan and sits inside the urban sprawl of the fast-growing Mexican capital.

Now, mountains of refuse piled several stories high are pressing against a major drainage canal that runs along the dump’s edge. That risks a rupture that could flood residential areas and the airport with stinking effluent and grime, says the federal government which ordered the dump closed in January.


What defines a third world state?

You might mention poverty, disorder, corruption, filth, etc. but those are symptoms not causes — and causes are what define it.

My answer: disorder.

A nation becomes third world when there’s not enough social consensus to build infrastructure, beat back corruption, clean things up, invent, etc. That’s both personal disorder, political disorder, and genetic disorder — most third world nations show us what happens with “diversity” several generations later, which is selection for a lowest common denominator. See: IQ and the wealth of nations for a more complete explanation.

So in third world states you have rampant disorganization, a shaky culture because there’s no specific ethnic-cultural link, and massive corruption because you have huge masses of mobilized idiots and whoever fools them first, wins power and prestige.

No one’s thinking about the garbage, or the environment. They burn old equipment and plastics. They throw away anything that cannot immediately be turned into pocket money. There is no sense of collectivism. (There is also no sense of hope.)

Mexico’s garbage problem is a global problem. A giant raft of garbage that will decay, and leach chemicals into the soil and air and water, soon becomes all of our problem as those chemicals get distributed worldwide.


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