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Our design is backward

Invent product first, then invent need and only then wonder if it has bad side effects.

An international group of scientists is calling on Canada and other countries to bring in tougher safety standards for cellphone use after a Swedish team found a fivefold elevated risk of malignant brain tumours in children who begin using mobile phones before the age of 20.

The plea — and the science underlying it — is published in the forthcoming edition of Pathophysiology, devoted to peer-reviewed research about the biological effects of the global explosion of wireless technologies and devices like cellphones, cordless phones, wireless Internet and cell towers.

The findings of 15 studies from health researchers in six different countries, looking at the effects of electromagnetic fields and radio frequency radiation on living cells and on the health of humans, should jolt government agencies into action as a precautionary measure, Dr. David Carpenter, director of the Institute for Health & the Environment at the University at Albany, and one of the co-authors, said in an interview.

Montreal Gazette

Come off it: you were all drugged on how important you felt to be part of the Cell Phone Revolution.

Parents felt progressive and brave for buying their brats the gadgets.

Manufacturers saw profit, which let their middle management move to the suburbs.

The media saw something new to chatter on neurotically about.

Was anyone watching the road ahead?

Monkeys. You’re just monkeys with language.

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