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Oh no, racial preferences on the witless dance show

Viewers of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing have been accused of racism after the show’s only black contestants were involved in a “dance-off”.

The furore follows Rising Damp star Don Warrington and M People singer Heather Small coming bottom in the public vote last Sunday even though judges gave them more points than three white contestants.

A BBC insider has reportedly admitted that execs were shocked by the public vote, adding: “Having two black people in the bottom two who hadn’t even performed badly was a very bad look for us.”

Daily Mail

Maybe people don’t want to be multicultural, and they’re voting for that here since they don’t get the choice in the polls?

It’d be awesome to offer people — in the privacy of a voting both, secret ballotwise — this question:

“If we could implement any changes to procedure without harming anyone, would you prefer:

(A) A multiculturnal nation
(B) A historically ethnic nation”

I bet you’d find that while many people vote “A” because that’s what the TV says is right and cool and you want to be right and cool, don’t you, the people who work independently to lead this society — business owners, thinkers, artisans and so forth — would be voting overwhelmingly for “B.”


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