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Obligatory Right Wing Biological Metaphor


In your life, you will see many things live — and some things die. They will die from a number of different causes. It would be pointless to wish that this not happen to you, because it will, and because it is an important part of life. That does not make it more fun.

Consider a person infected with a fatal disease. Diseases are parasites — did you know that? — which take nutrients from the host and use it to fuel their reproductive process, at which they find a new host. It is no different than what a mosquito, flea or tapeworm does. All are parasites.

(Some parasites have even figured out how to turn the host against itself, in the case of cancers and auto-immune diseases like AIDS. This may have advantages in that these infections are nearly impossible to displace and spread silently, enabling the reproduction of the parasite.)

When a parasite kills its host, it is usually the result of the parasite having gone the way of yeast and reproduced excessively, thus the parasite dies with its host — but has reproduced, so other parasites are carrying on its message in the form of its DNA. Thus it is content to die, or at least cannot stop its own reproduction, and enters a terminal phase.

The victim takes time to die. Generally this is a cycle of staggered rises and falls, culminating in a big crash and a sudden, unpredictable exit. As the host sickens, it grows weak, but then uses its natural strength to fight back and rises again, but this guarantees a crash, because each time the host improves, so does the parasite.

Such situations are called death spirals because to win is to lose. If the patient gets healthier, the parasite gets healthier, and then the patient gets sicker; if the patient gets worse, the parasite also gets worse, but it is very hard to get to the point where the parasite is destroyed before the host is. This creates a Catch-22 situation.

Over time, the crashes may not increase in frequency so much as they will in intensity. The highs stay about the same, but the lows get lower. At some point, the body enters an unstable state where it is clear it will not extract itself, but might cruise at this level for some time. Randomly, usually at some inconvenient hour, one bodily system fails and starts a domino effect.

Humanity has a parasite. That parasite is our pretense, which says that we are all important, and we can be whatever we want to be, despite being limited in our abilities. It says that we do not need a natural order, formed of a human hierarchy in balance with nature, logic and the supernatural, but that instead we have an order of individuals. This notion flatters us and is socially popular, leading to a social takeover of our individual brains.

As this cresting wave of illusion — called “Crowdism,” for its collectivized individualistic nature — gains power, it throws civilizations into a death spiral. As they gain wealth and power, they gain more parasites, and those together form an echo chamber that amplifies their message, brainwashing more. And then the end is certain.

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