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Obama’s plan: attack the upper middle class

Most liberals are middle-class people living in cities, so they are unable to save any money and are too narcissistic to have families.

Their goal? To be the wrecking balls that does in the suburban upper middle class.

During the presidential campaign, Barack Obama tempered his pledge to substantially raise taxes for high earners with an important proviso: He’d simply restore rates to their levels during the Clinton Administration. The implication was that families in the upper brackets would see their total tax bite go back to the levels of the 1990s, but no higher.

Now, it sure looks like Obama is reneging on that promise. The burden will indeed go far higher than in the Clinton years via a technicality — one that will come as a rude shock even to the taxpayers already braced for a soaking.

The group that’s hit hardest are the taxpayers I call the HENRYs, for “High Earners Not Rich Yet.” The HENRYs are families who make between $250,000 and $500,000 a year. I wrote about the HENRYs in a Nov. 17 Fortune cover story, “Who Pays for the Bailout?” They’re among America’s most productive, hard-working citizens: our doctors, attorneys, architects, and entrepreneurs, the owners and builders of cleaning companies, delis and security franchises.

Though President Obama brands them as rich, they’re usually far from it. “Rich” means personal wealth, or net worth, not income. These HENRYs are already strapped by a combination of high income taxes, soaring property tax levies, and college savings for the kids. Their chance of accumulating the couple of million dollars needed to qualify as rich were virtually nil even before Obama took the stage.


Revenge, always the liberal motivation.

We need these people. They are the business owners who work hard, not the lazy slackers who just kind of let stuff fall apart.

They are generally highly-motivated, family-oriented, culture-supporting people.

In fact, they’re what keeps America from becoming a wasteland of whiners who contribute nothing but witty opinions.

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