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  • Spain’s New Postage Stamps Were Meant To Call Out Racism. Instead They Drew Outrage

    In an egalitarian time, you either accept that your society is doomed or you try to get in its good graces by bleating out its dogma in new forms. This status signaling usually works, but just failed for the Spanish postal service.

  • Warming effect of greenhouse gases ‘has been overestimated’

    Look at the obvious: we have eight billion people, almost sixty percent of whom live in cities, which are big slams of concrete and rammed earth that reflect heat, disrupting jet streams and making worldwide weather unstable. It’s the overpopulation as usual, and the best way to fight it is to end immigration.

  • Court rules against using race, sex to allocate federal aid

    This one remains a loss for conservatives, since the idea of “equal protection of the laws” via the Fourteenth Amendment remains on the book, which means that every time results are “unequal,” there will be the usual egalitarian push to take from the strong to give to the weak.

  • An estimated 2,600 Latinos were killed by police or in custody in the past six years

    The media-government-multinational complex has begun planning for the next round of race riots. We are currently in the Asian race riots, which seem fairly subdued and mostly to be taking place in the courts, but democracy needs the diversity to agitate more in order to remove the heritage majority, so Hispanic riots are planned.

  • Tulsa Race Massacre remembrance main event suddenly canceled

    Graft and scheming run through the civil rights movement like a spinal cord. In reality, race riots do not occur for no reason, and the same violence and crime that forms our low-grade race war today was happening back then and provoked this riot.

  • Lightfoot sued for limiting interviews to reporters of color

    As soon as equality enters the picture, not only freedom but reality go out the window. We should let her limit interviews to whoever she wants to talk to. If that reveals how badly diversity is failing, that is hardly her fault, nor our job to correct. Let us just admit that the policy of diversity has failed, and move on.

  • Eritrean troops kill, rape, loot in Tigray

    Everywhere it is tried, diversity erases culture and ends in genocide. Do we learn? Probably not, since our Utopian dogma of equality requires that we attempt the insane time and again.

  • Medical workers sue Houston Methodist over job requirement to receive COVID vaccine

    When this panic finally ends, as it seems to be in the aftermath of the states experiencing a drop in cases after refusing to enforce lockdown and masks, many people are going to sue over requirements that they take this untested and unaccountable vaccine. Panic never serves humanity well.

  • Number of smokers has reached all-time high of 1.1 billion

    People like stimulants. Either we see that every culture has its kratom leaf or kola nuts, and accept the gentlest form of this habit, or we wage war against it and weaponize it. Stopping smoking at work drove people from pipes and cigars to cigarettes; ending anti-smoking laws would return us to balance.

  • Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors resigns amid controversy

    Like most charities, BLM spends almost all of its money on salaries, a great number of which will be in the hundreds of thousands. Cullors missed the procedure for becoming wealthy: set up a company, buy properties through it, rent those, generate losses, and pay yourself from that fund while running a non-profit to pay for your lifestyle.

  • Genetically modified salmon head to US dinner plates

    Conservatives, as realists, have a bias against the new until it is tested, meaning that we know its consequences in reality as opposed to what people think about it (demotism: utilitarianism, democracy, popularity, profit motive). We should learn from the past and move cautiously with new technology.

  • Biden team shut down State Dept. inquiry probing possible lab link to COVID

    Biden wants this crisis to go away quickly now that an election was stolen and trillions were spent. He also wants anything that will embarrass his masters in China, who fund him just like they funded Clinton, to disappear from the news, but this one seems to have grown legs. Trump wins again.









  • Clearance Rates for Crimes Continue to be Abysmal

    As diversity policing takes over, crime goes unpunished for the most part since most police view their profession in the third world way, which is as a sinecure that they can use to make more money than the other guy. Solving crimes, especially with risk of media pillorying, factors into the equation nowhere.

  • Anti-Muslim sentiment ‘remains a problem’ in the Tory party

    Is it a problem? In a “free” society, you should be able to oppose whatever you want, and notice whatever seems consistently true to you. The only problem occurs when this clashes with the Leftist dogma of the individual being supreme, which requires us to believe that every individual is good and has equal reasoning faculties.

  • COVID-19 has taught us that what Australians really want is to be told what to do

    Almost half of Australians want lower commute times. Why do we have long commutes? Big cities blighted by ghettos, usually. If we end diversity, the commuting goes away and we can have functional societies again.

  • Texas to allow unlicensed carrying of handguns

    What kind of “freedom” do we have when we are not allowed to be armed? Texas recognizes that law and order has collapsed in America and that people need to go back to Wild West ethics in order to be safe. Even more, this is a moral statement: it is better that the good be protected than that the bad be saved.

  • Soldier who called on troops to refuse vaccine distribution faces mutiny related charge

    To historians, Leftism will look like a mass panic resembling the tulip mania, dancing sickness, or witch hunts. People in group unite on what they have in common, which is fear, and use the power of the group to force others to engage in symbolic activities banishing that fear. This then fails.

  • Police: 2 protesters hit, driver charged in North Carolina

    This woman got James Fieldsed. Protesters banged on her car and threatened her, so she accelerated out of there, hitting two in the process and giving them minor injuries. Prosecutors want to make this a hate crime to give you no option of defending yourselves; you do what the herd wants or go to jail.

  • ‘A huge surprise’ as giant river otter feared extinct in Argentina pops up

    Rewilding works. As humans recede, animals return. If humanity were to leave half of Earth for nature, most of the natural ecosystems would recover relatively quickly. That requires however that we limit our population, since each added member requires more land.

  • Villagers jump into river to avoid Covid-19 vaccination in Uttar Pradesh

    Many of us do not trust the panic vaccine, recognizing that when groups of humans unite on fear, they stop thinking logically and think only in terms of symbolism and appearance. This leads to unrealistic decisions that make us “feel better” in the short-term but lay the groundwork for long-term disaster.

  • Sydney Opera House rocked by allegations of systemic racism

    If there are few Black people at your opera, the solution may be to recognize that opera is not a Black art form, instead of doing what all of these morons do which is to lower standards so they get more brown faces. Equality and equity are the same thing since they are measured by consequences not intent.

  • The US saw significant crime rise across major cities in 2020. And it’s not letting up

    It turns out that empowering racial grievance civil rights and defunding police simply creates a crime wave. You no longer have to worry about George Floyd getting choked out because he is raging across the city, killing, stealing, raping, and burning, and no one will arrest him.

  • Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Bill to Stop the Censorship of Floridians by Big Tech

    This bill creates an implicit warranty of fair treatment on online platforms, which means that if you are censored on Big Tech, you can sue them in Florida. Conservatives tend to favor lawsuits over regulation, since lawsuits do not hire armies of bureaucrats who then do nothing but absorb money.

  • Houston, Harris County get nothing in latest round of $1 billion federal Hurricane Harvey relief funding

    The last time emergency money went to Houston after a natural disaster, the corrupt administration of affirmative action mayor Sylvester Turner simply stole all of it, so the feds stopped sending it. Starve the beast.



  • Creator of Racist Hate Account Revealed to Be Black Female Hoaxer

    Fake hate crimes seem to be everywhere these days like false rape accusations were a decade ago. When you create a category for people who are presumed innocent at all costs, that will be weaponized into a method of shaking down other groups, and provoke a backlash against caring about crimes of this type.

  • Lego unveils first LGBTQ set ahead of Pride Month

    Corporate America wants to appeal to the “new audience” just like it accepted hippies and diversity in past generations. The shareholders want more money and believe what they see in the media, which is that this new audience will be a source of success for them. Look for massive CEO replacements in a couple years.

  • A mega dam on the Great Bend of China

    We like to think that the Water Wars still linger far across the horizon of time, but in reality, they are rushing toward us as nations act to secure their water supplies before others can get to them. We have too many people, and now we will pay.

  • Black Lives Matter activist shot in London

    Statistically, Black people face the greatest risk of being shot by other Black people, and defunding the White police just increases that risk. At this point, police are not stopping Black suspects unless absolutely necessary, since no one wants to end up being the next Derek Chauvin.

  • Outrage as regulators let pesticides from factory pollute US town for years

    Regulators, like all bureaucrats, concern themselves most with their own careers. If they sabotage the business that provides lifeblood to a region, they will be unpopular, so it is better to accept a few bribes and do nothing than to act. Regulation will not save us from our environmental crisis.

  • Poll: Nearly two-thirds of Americans say social media platforms are tearing us apart

    In the hands of the herd, everything becomes a lie as they project what gratifies their emotions and need for things to look a certain way over what is really there. Social media simply revealed us, where ordinarily we segregate, and now Leftists and conservatives realize they have nothing in common. War!

  • ‘Black Wednesday’ for big oil as courtrooms and boardrooms turn on industry

    Might as well put yellow stars on those oil rigs; the herd has found a scapegoat for the environmental crisis, more appropriately the ecocide created by human overpopulation, and are going to eliminate our energy industry much as they attempted to do during the Carter years, instead of simply ending immigration which would have a greater net effect.

  • Nine US Navy warships were ‘swarmed by up to 100 UFOs’ over one month period

    “Here we see a primitive society, caught up in social pressures, dividing itself endlessly over wealth redistribution instead of looking toward the stars. It is very sad, but they will not be with us much longer. OK, on to Ganymede. Ork, hit the time space jump!”

  • San Jose Rail Yard Gunman Faced Discipline Over Racist Remarks on Day of Shooting

    Irish guy notices that American public industries have become dedicated to affirmative action and guys perceived as White — including the non-White Irish — will never get promoted again. Carnage results.

  • Reform movement legal arm calls to classify extreme-right Lehava as terror group

    Leftists value pluralism, utilitarianism, pacifism, compromise, and rationalization, not realizing that such means-over-ends strategies consist of nothing but an increase in entropy. The more you try to satisfy each member of the group instead of having an affirmative goal, the more you end up with non-solutions.

  • Anti-vaccination protesters storm Westfield shopping centre and clash with police

    Worldwide, pushback against the COVID-19 regime intensifies as people recognize that the disease was never a great threat, all of the casualty numbers and news reports were fake, the science was bought, China was behind it, and it has devastated our economies and ordinary lives.

  • 76% of older millennials are worried about climate change—and it’s impacting how they spend their money

    Growing up under wartime propaganda in a society where getting along with government and the herd determines success, by nature of rewarding compliance like education and jobs, produces people who believe in the symbolic reality and reject any noticing of actual physical reality. Long years of error await.


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