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National Socialism Will Destroy White People

Often around here you will read a basic critique of National Socialism: it still redistributes wealth, therefore is both dysgenic and unstable, and tends toward brutality to try to force this system to work.

You will also read a criticism of the type of Anti-Semitism that sees Jews as controlling the world through a shadowy conspiracy: this lets democracy off the hook, leaves the problem intact, creates atrocities, and leaves the problem intact.

Everyone wants a nice clear answer with square corners and a feeling of force behind it. Root out the problem, rip up the disease, get rid of the bad and leave only the good.

National Socialism is not this answer because it makes a more Right-wing version of the current system but leaves our core sickness intact while wasting our energy on pursuits that are not directly relevant to our goal.

In the National Socialism worldview, a tiny population — the Jews of the world — are somehow united (those who favor this view do not know Jews!) in controlling all of us for their devious plans.

Its first logical flaw is that if the Jews ran the world, they would not need us nor would bother to disguise what they are doing. At worst, they are one of many powerful moneyed lobbies buying into our democracies.

Its second logical flaw is that it portrays us as victim-idiots who are incompetent. Jews got where they did by being smart, valuing education, and focusing on making money instead of obtaining salvation from the (Jewish) god Jehovah.

If you teach all of us to be victims, and blame the Jews for being competent and smart, you have portrayed the mighty “Aryan” as a helpless idiot who is being manipulated through his own stupidity.

That is a very negative view to take of any population, least of all your own.

In reality, the people running us are stupid because the people choosing them — the voters — behave like idiots. Democracy is a game of optics and emotions, and sanity and realism always lose out to drama, pity, and rage.

When we had our kings, we had saner and smarter people running us, and none of the problems we had today. The mercantile middle classes overthrew their kings, and we got a mercantile order out of that. Everything is for sale, all is optics.

That is democracy as usual, and per democracy as usual, profiteers show up. When we have a war, people become billionaires selling weapons. When the voters endorse the New Green Deal, many more billionaires are minted.

Among those will be the foreign, not just Jews but Chinese, Saudis, Egyptians, Singaporeans, and Argentines. These groups will act in their own interests at the expense of Americans; every group behaves this way, acting in its own self-interest alone.

If you act like a victim, they will take you for all that you have. If you opt for an insane democracy, they will make money off of its stupid decisions, whether wars, Green New Deals, affirmative action, or welfare programs.

They will view you as idiots. When you have a democracy, they know you are paralyzed and that they can buy Congresscritters for a few million. They know that you cannot do anything about it.

In a democracy, you are ruled by the largest segment of your population, which is a group of no particular ability that likes easy answers. Offer them symbolism and they lunge for it, allowing you to keep on stealing.

National Socialists turn White people into BLM. They teach us that we are helpless victims of the International Jew and that there is nothing we can except wait for the great race war while buying bad music and books about The Cause.

They also make themselves into bigots against intelligence. By posing the Jew as an intelligent manipulator and Whites as victims, they suggest that intelligence is bad and repeating the dogma of National Socialism is the only good.

In essence, they are saying “intelligence is bad because our enemies use it” and encouraging us to get dumber. That makes us weaker over time. It pleases the proles, though, who resent the higher average IQs of the upper castes.

This follows typical democratic thinking: if something goes wrong, remove the people in power, and let the angry mob take over. Unfortunately, the angry mob is a moron and makes us weaker.

In fact, the mob is the only thing — through their voting patterns, which favor symbols and emotions over reality — that holds us back. National Socialism is part of this mob movement, not standing against it.

Supposing that tomorrow you killed all the Jews and other foreigners. Our problem would still remain. We do not know how to govern ourselves, and have endless bad leadership instead because they are chosen by the least competent group, the mob.

Everything you blame on capitalism, Jews, and “elites” is in fact the result of democracy and the voting patterns of average people in large numbers. Nothing changes until we change that, no matter how many atrocities we produce.

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