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Nanny State pursues ecorealists as "Terrorists"

Police were said to be investigating the eco-movement Earth First! which, they claimed, had supporters who believed that reducing the Earth’s population by four-fifths would help protect the planet. The National Extremism Tactical Co-ordination Unit was concerned that a lone maverick might attempt a terrorist attack. It had also warned several companies they were being targeted as major polluters by the group and had offered them advice on how to withstand attack.

While the paper had no intention of suggesting that every activist was a potential terrorist, several climate campers wrote to protest. ‘If a journalist is told by a single anonymous source that a movement of people has among it individuals who would take the lives of men, women and children in a terror attack, what standard of evidence does that journalist require? In this case: no evidence whatsoever. The claim itself was the story.’

The Guardian

Dear EarthFirster: welcome to the power of the Crowd. It is motivated by fears, not reality, and since it denies reality, it is always afraid of realists. Pointing out that our overpopulation problem is our environmental problem is too much reality; thus they are going to lash out, and conflate “sees we have too many people” with “wants to kill us all.”

Even worse, you’re threatening business as usual, which means jobs and geegaws for proles and New Rich alike. Expect crucifixion or hemlock.

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