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Most Republicans are hesitant about global warming

Overall, 73 percent of Americans believe that global warming is happening. But when you look at this finding by political party affiliation, only one-half (54 percent) of Republicans believe it is happening, versus 90 percent of Democrats.

The presence and size of this divide with respect to environmental action is only a recent phenomenon. Many of the landmark American environmental laws that are still in effect today were signed by Republican presidents.


I ascribe this to being fed up with the left wing and its numerous paranoiac, defensive, reactionary and delusional responses.

Environmentalism is seen as a left-wing issue, but as this writer points out, it’s not. Conservatives call it “conservation,” and until they found themselves derailed by defending against the liberal horde and their civil-rights-fueled agenda, it was a big part of the right’s platform in this country.

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