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More signs of a dying culture

Dr Susham Gupta, a specialist registrar in adult and old age psychiatry, and Dr James Warner, a consultant in older adults’ psychiatry, said the relative price of alcohol has halved in real terms since the 1960s.

At the same time average annual consumption of alcohol per person has doubled from less than six litres to more than 11.5 litres in 2000.

The Telegraph

People have a glass of wine or two a day when they’re happy.

When they’re not happy, they drink like fish and pretend it’s a good time.

More signs of the death of the West.

With all of the indigenous people being so dramatic and self-obsessed and emotionally needy, and all of the newcomers being so greedy and yet unwilling to participate in the local culture, it’s no wonder everything seems to fail lately: nature wants us dead because we’ve outlived our usefulness as a species.

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