Furthest Right

Modern society: the freedom to ENJOY eating dung

Looking at the whole social picture, it’s hard to tell blacks, Jews, gays and women that they are less free today than they were in 1968. As a woman, I can enter and leave the work world freely, whether I have kids or not. I can get an abortion, file for divorce, enter into a lesbian relationship, marry a black guy, or have several lovers, all without worrying about legal consequences (or being drummed out of polite society). While some restrictions persist, the breakdown of social barriers, many of them formerly enforced by government edict , has done much to increase my freedom and that of other once-restricted groups.


Freedom from what? And freedom to do what?

Outside of the lesbian relationship, which was in the past permitted if it was kept low-key, she lists a ton of things that have nothing to do with leading a good life. I have the freedom to munch dung, and pretend I like it.

The majority needs to protect its rights and let other groups worry about their own, or we all become so entrenched in each other’s business that nothing great will ever come from us.


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