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Mellow Out and Quit LARPing

This is the message that the Right — both mainstream Republicans and underground Dissident Right — needs to hear, not the message that any of us want to send, since we never want to “punch Right” or weaken Our Side.™

You guys need to mellow out. You are focusing on the symbols, which is what the Left wants you to do, and missing the bigger picture.

You talk about how much you are tired of LGBTHIV+ propaganda, and this makes you want to burn the rainbow people at the stake. You have a legitimate grievance but this is not expressed well. Very few of us care if someone is quietly homosexual in his own time and keeps it quiet. That is the compromise that let society deal with homosexuality for centuries. They kept silent about it, we kept silent about it, and we tolerated them so long as there were not horrible incidents. This only broke apart recently when “tolerance” brought homosexuality into the mainstream, resulting in an explosion of bad behavior. Some things are best kept in the closet and not bullied.

Pedophiles still get the chipper. After due process, of course.

You talk about how much you hate the Jew and the Negro, but you miss the point that diversity is trying to replace you with Asians. The bigger point is that diversity (of any type: ethnic, sexual, religious, cultural, racial) erases your culture and replaces it with permissive tolerance and liberalization of standards. After that, you get the culture war and the race war as each group vies for supremacy. That is the target: end diversity. That is the bottom line. If we do not do that, we die out. That other groups get caught up in this mess too is no reason to hate them, only to repatriate them.

You talk about “elites” and how much you detest our Harvard-educated idiot ruling class, forgetting that these elites were made by egalitarian programs designed to reward poorer students who memorized all of the propaganda in the right order. Someone will be in power, and it needs to be someone good, and it turns out that meritocracy and all that modern claptrap that you people cling to is not the best way of choosing such people. Our “elites” are in fact proles made powerful by things we voted for. That is your problem.

Of course, very few of our current elites would do well in a sane society, which tells us that something is very wrong with how we do education and promotion.

You rail against “capitalism,” forgetting that all of your problems were created by high taxes, regulations, affirmative action, and lawsuits brought on by silly ideas voted into existence by silly people. Before we started trying to “fix” capitalism, people worked shorter hours and could live on the pay that they took home. Then in came the unions, diversity, taxes, and miles of law, and now jobs are miserably boring, unstable, and pay very little compared to your costs. Capitalism, or competition, drives down costs and increases quality; taxing the crap out of everything to “regulate capitalism” drives up costs and decreases quality. Guess which part of that cycle we are in now?

You complain about the goodthinkers but then invent the same type of dogma for the Right. We cannot criticize Christianity, for example, or say anything nice about Judaism. We must post fond illusions about parallel economies, tradwives, and small communities based around the church, but all this will do is make us the source of funding for our enemies. The goodthink on the Right is not as powerful as that of the Left, but it is just as much based on trends and not on any realistic assessment of what is real.

You talk about how Leftists have lowered standards, but how many of you have read The Odyssey and The Republic? If you get all of your information from videos and blogs, you will end up being quite poorly educated indeed, and you will never discipline your mind to the point where you can tell reality from the endless wishful thinking cope that people post as an emotional outlet. You are the product here, since lots of people are making a lot of money selling you hogwash about how you can continue to be an armchair activist or waiting for the great race war, forgetting that conservatives have done those two things for two centuries and seen everything fall apart during that time.

You like to rant about the fantasies of the Left — racial equality, peace, tolerance, pluralism, love, compassion — but then adopt a series of fantasies of your own. What is “QAnon” but a way of entertaining you while you do nothing, always waiting for the final message that tells you to go charge the Capitol? You like to call the Left pedophiles, Illuminati, elites, and so forth, but miss the obvious case: they are running a political machine, taking bribes from everyone, and promoting their cronies so they are insulated by loyal soldiers. The great Eternal Jew conspiracy falls on the level of Flat Earth: entertaining but unrealistic. The reality is that, as has happened many times before, a society grew bottom-heavy and the proles demanded equality. From that all bad things flow.

You like to talk about how terrible it is that the Left has forced equality on us, but if pressed, you will defend the same thing. You want civil rights, despite having seen the damage. You want entitlements from government. And most of all, you fear any kind of social hierarchy. That means that you are a Leftist, and what you demand will inevitably lead back to the same stupid stuff. Some of you defend not only the welfare state, but democracy itself. How dumb can you be?

Finally, you enjoy blaming politicians. Those evil dastardly bastards did this to us… except that we voted for it, or at least did not vote in someone to fix it. The voters slept in lazy oblivion and solipsistic distraction for centuries. Now you want someone to step in and fix it all for you like they might recalibrate your toilet or tune up your AC. The voters are to blame. Equality makes selfish, neurotic, and deceptive people and when they vote, they vote for lies. People in committees, including whole electorates, pick compromises. You probably do not even realize why “compromise” is a dirty word for a dirty process! You either have a goal, or you do not, and if you compromise, it means you were never serious about the goal.

You people need to mellow out. We do not need more emotional demonstrations, ranting and raving, or violent inclinations. We need people to calm down and get cold, colder, coldest… coldly logical, with common sense and an eye toward raising quality, but not emotional. Memes are not reality. Clever phrases are not reality. Products — this is all they are! — to keep you watching videos are not reality. In fact, those things just exist to lure you in with wishful thinking and laziness so some other guy can keep raping the corpse of conservatism in order to retire young.

When we get over all of the drama, we can start working together. You people do not do it. You are the ultimate armchair loafers, looking for media to consume, but never chipping in with coordinated activity. You are too cool for that. Like most people who think their case is hopeless, you have become fanatics who want to yell out even more fanatical screeds, but do nothing. Your lack of mellow is your cover that lets you seem active because you are emotional, but really in your mind just lets you off the hook. Like all beaten people, you want to be right, not put things right, and so you foam at the mouth and scream, proclaiming your impotence to the world.

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