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Marquis Williams Did Nothing Wrong

Conservatives are those who distrust modernity, but are still stuck in the idea of universalism, or that all people are the same except for external traits (education, hobbies, favorite foods, fetishes). As a result, they never make sense, because their fundamental idea — social/natural/divine order as most important — endlessly conflicts with their individualism.

Consequently, they are shocked when people violate the supposedly universal commandments of their society… even when it is clear that the violators have reason to not be good obedient sheep to the machine. This is where conservatives go wrong: they defend the machine, instead of listening to their inner voice, which wants to escape to the woods and let humanity face fate on its own.

As a result, conservatives find themselves opposed to reality, which puts them in the same position as those who embrace ideology or notions about how life “should” be and the presumption that those are more important than reality itself. This makes them deny situations where biology, which is a supreme form of logic, contradicts social status strategies, and instead affirms the dark empty naked bleakness of natural selection:

Sommer Gatto,18, suffered blunt force trauma to her head and torso Tuesday night. Investigators say her boyfriend, Marquis Williams, 20, beat her head against the ground on the street where she lived. He was naked and believed to be high on drugs.

…Harris County Sheriff’s Office investigators believe Williams was high on “kush,” a synthetic drug, when he ran down the street, took off his clothes and attacked Sommer. First he kicked in her family’s door prompting her grandmother, sister and two children to hide in a closet.

“This was uncharacteristic of Marquis,” said Paula Lanius, Sommer’s grandmother.

The grim fact — denied by our egalitarian anti-hierarchy composed of only two levels, proles and Inner Party members — is that those who cross caste, race, or ethnic lines are in the grips of a mental health problem. Mentally organized people do not miscegenate, as they realize that it obliterates their heritage, provides health risks, denies their offspring an ethnic identity and causes displeasure to the rest of their family, who would like to see the line continue in some consistency to its origins.

However, miscegenation appeals to some people because they have low self-confidence, and by fishing around in the gene pool of races they consider inferior to their own, they are able to find partners and spouses who are obligated to them. This is a method of control, and it is why nerdly and weak white men date Asian women just as obese white women with alcohol problems date Black men. In each case, the white person believes themselves to be valuable for being white, and therefore, desirable to the partner, which gives them more power over the partner, which they seek because they are underconfident or dysfunctional.

Marquis did the right thing because only sick and weak people miscegenate. He removed the person so broken that they are willing to miscegenate. The “in vino veritas” Williams experienced while tripping on kush allowed him to see that those who are not of your tribe will never have your self-interest at heart, and that any woman who wanted to engage in miscegenation of any kind is in fact not a good person, and so he smashed her head into the ground and fixed the problem.

Those who are not of your tribe, no matter how well “integrated” they are, will resort to self-interest of their tribe, and in the case of white women dating black men (or white nerds dating Asian women) this means that these white people are in fact using their minority partners. The honest white people associate with themselves, not just by race but by ethnicity, which is why healthy Western Europeans tend to marry other Western Europeans, but the unhealthy ones marry down to Southern, Irish, or Eastern Europeans, or in cases of extreme underconfidence or obesity, other racial groups entirely.

Like O.J. Simpson, who also did nothing wrong, Marquis Williams has done nothing wrong. He has removed a miscegenator from the populations of both the white and black races, to the improvement of each. Maybe next time he will find a better method, like deportation, but for now, his heart is in the right place and we should pray for his swift acquittal.

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