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Mantra of a new age: the revolution won, suffer under it

All Republicans are arrogant, all democrats are the people’s choice(tm) and so are beyond reproach, even when they forge voter registrations, pal up with organized crime figures and endorse failed Soviet-style thinking.

The crowd is always right.

Whoever said “the truth is always unpopular” was a mean-spirited sociopath with no hope of being uplifting.

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The revolution, approximately 1820-1968, was a triumph for The People — as they styled themselves. The least competent at government made themselves big cheese, got reforms pushed through, and now the individual is not obligated to external moral principle at all.

The crowd won, and got what it wanted, which may have not been what it needed.

Just like consumerism — buying mindlessly the stuff we think we want, but don’t need, and later find out was the result of advertising or our stupid friends convincing us to join some soulless fad — takes most people by surprise and they don’t figure it out until they’re 65, Crowdism is destructive and goes unnoticed by most until their final years. Like intestinal parasites and some tumors, it is a very patient leech.

Now we have a prevailing dogma where everyone who makes television commercials, hippies, the homeless, minorities, the poor, the clueless urban Sex and the City people who are paid enough to think themselves rich but not enough to have the security of riches, the addicted, the disabled, basically everyone who serves no leadership purpose in society but hates their role as a Cog — they all agree. Vote Obama. Everyone is Equal. Stop Racism. No Wars. We’re All Fearless, Loving, Enlightened People — and yet they’re all neurotic, dysfunctional, etc.

This is nothing new. Every human society has been 90% dysfunctional people who could easily improve their condition if they were able to impose self-discipline.

But now we’ve empowered the clueless, instead of encouraging them to end their own dysfunction. They can now project their dysfunction onto us, and call it politics. We should owe them; they are innocent and Progressive; what are we, the functional? Gifted by God and undeserving of our fortune — that’s what the Crowd will say.

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