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Luxury Beliefs vs. Consequential Beliefs

Real knee-grows do what they wanna do. Bitch knee-grows do what they have to. — Great Amerikan Philosopher, Tupac Shakur.

We all walk around believing something. In some cases, beliefs drive actions. Action causes consequences that impact the holder of the original belief. In a Hard Deterministic World, you do what you were meant to do.

But what if you were able to believe what made you feel good without reality tackling the crap out of you like The Lawrence Taylor of Consequentialism? Cool. Roll up your blunt like Tupac. It sounds like really fun club.

This gives us two sorts of beliefs. There are Consequential Beliefs and there are Luxury Beliefs. Consequential Beliefs drive consequential interactions with reality. With beliefs like these, philosophy interacts with Street Level Reality.

Consequential Beliefs should be chosen wisely. The old joke about karma running over dogma applies. Your beliefs interface with the conditions of your existence via consequences. Chose wisely so that interface doesn’t invoke bullets entering your face.

Consequential Beliefs sound mean and hard. They can be. So can life. I’m not a Hard Determinist. Within a set of uncontrolled parameters, we can all make our lives better and less miserable by choosing a more effective set of Consequential Beliefs.

But wouldn’t it be more fun and easy to have Luxury Beliefs? It would be awesome to still believe in Santa Claus. It would be grooving and copasetic if I could indulge in no-string-attached Peyote Experiments or consensual Hook-Up Sex where I didn’t even have to pay her to walk away when we had done with it.

You could believe Little Joey could have an equal chance in life whether Mommy lived with one dad, two dads, or zero dads. And Mommy could still be a lady whichever way she swung on the spectrum. Race, Physiognomy and IQ are all just Euro-Phallo-Centric degenerative semantics. An individual could believe all that – if they had no unprotected contact with hard and unyielding reality.

People who loudly espouse popular Luxury Beliefs only live by them and invite their consequences if they are unintelligent. Intellectually endowed people who espouse Luxury Beliefs fall into two possible categories.

They can be hypocritical. They play a game and figure that “you get the joke.” They’ll talk about the virtues of racial tolerance while making sure their own precious offspring attend “the really good schools.” They’ll bemoan some other person’s Carbon Footprint after they disembark the Cessna like the other “busy and important people.”
They can be evil. The hypergamous and hyper-selective female who tells her girlfriends that they should ride the carousel and rack up the 3-digit body count isn’t doing this to help. The person who tells others that drugs are for people who can’t handle reality will either join you for the exact same trip, or is a pile of steaming dung.

Luxury Beliefs are a lie. They stem from ignorance, hypocrisy, or malignant, demonic evil. They are stupid if the believer really thinks the stuff inside a person’s head has no meaning. They are hypocritical if the holder wants others to think the belief signals fake virtue upon articulation. The Luxury Beliefs are an act of surjective malignancy if the espousing individual wants another person to act on that belief so that the actor receives consequential damage.

Poor Tupac was actually dumb enough to believe he was a Real Knee-Grow. This worked out well for a bit. Then he met someone who used a weapon to convince Tupac otherwise. Tupac died of his own Luxury Beliefs.

It gets even worse. The Black Pill of applied and prophylactic fatalism will eventually fail against the ineffable power of The Universal Law of Attraction. Your essence will attract beliefs. You then have to choose to accept them or forcibly expel them on a piecemeal basis.

Choose wisely. Choose carefully. All personal beliefs that are held in honest truth are Consequential Beliefs. Yet if you choose them effectively, then your life can be a much more successful trip.

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