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Looking At Women As Categories Removes The Reverence From Marriage

On the younger side of the Right, a common trope appears: “What you need is a woman who does x, y and z. That’s a traditional wife.”

While some of this is correct — you cannot have a wife who is opposed to the idea of marriage and life that you seek — the approach is disturbingly modernistic. In particular, it misses the fact that women are individuals, and marriage needs to be a reverent bond between people, not a question of utility.

What you need is a woman with whom you can join in love toward the purpose of family. There may be some no-fly zones, like her having participated in certain activities, but trying to form a “checklist” for this purpose is incoherent. You need a good person. You need a person that you can love. This is not found by demanding a dogmatic obedience.

Marriage is, at its core, a reverent bond. In order to love, you must first love life itself, and love goodness because that is what comes of life; this is what is known as reverence, or awe at the greatness and corresponding sacredness of life and its structure. With that in mind, you can find a woman to love, which really is a form of esteem and enjoyment of the other person, and this is more important than all the checklists and ideology that you can summon.

If the Right is to rebirth itself, it must start by avoiding the kneejerk methods of its opposition.

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