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List of scandals that make me distrust Barack Obama

We all know the drill: the most vocal of our people are whining just as hard about George W. Bush as they did about Ronald Reagan (and as many whined about Carter). Our country is hopelessly divided, but people are trying to convince you to vote for the new Change Candidate, who we are assured is going to fix all the wrongs.

Bypassing the question of whether we’re sure we were actually wronged, and we’re not all just spoiled brats complaining, we have the Republican hype machine telling us stupid things about Obama. They say he’s a Muslim, etc., and that just confuses the issue. There’s no need to when there’s evidence that Obama has been corrupt from the beginning:

  • Fake names on Obama donation list
  • Obama’s group commiting voter fraud
  • Obama’s group registering non-existent voters
  • Obama’s group helps forge voter registrations
  • Obama not giving us details on how his economic plan will work
  • Voter fraud epidemic from Democrats
  • Obama funneled state money to his family
  • Beyond all the hype and the bloviation, these are the reasons you should be wary of Barack Obama. You might not like the other guy; think carefully about whether Obama is the alternative you want. This isn’t change. It’s politics — corrupt politics — and “business as usual.”

    Originally posted on Reddit.


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