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Liberals trying to have it both ways on race


Not to feast further on the media story of Rachel Dolezal, but this particular event deserves exploration because it has gripped the American imagination. It reveals that liberals are trying to have it both ways on race.

Dear liberals, please tell us which is true:

  1. Race is a social construct and for that reason, Rachel Dolezal is correct in thinking she may be African-American “inside.” or
  2. Race is a biological construct and for that reason, Rachel Dolezal is five cardinal directions crazy for claiming to be African-American.

Which is it? You can choose only one, because each invalidates the other.

Dolezal herself acknowledges (indirectly) the latter position because she waffled when asked direct questions about her race.

For many years, the narrative has been spun this way: race is only a social construct, which means that the only reason that diversity fails is racism, therefore we just need to “keep on keeping on” with more and more diversity initiatives and somehow, our inner magic equality will be revealed.

A more nuanced view shows that equality even within a racial or ethnic group is nothing more than a fantasy, and that nature has no use for this concept from basic math much as it would not apply anywhere else. Is a skyscraper equal to a space shuttle? Is a motor equal to a crane? Is planet earth equal to Mars? Realists see that race is both a biological construct and a social construct, and that the social construct part — something akin to language or other tokens we use to describe aspects of reality — changes with political pressure and group trends, but the objects it describe, i.e. race itself in different individuals, does not.

Liberals squirm when scrutiny like this falls on their ideas because their “ideas” are ultimately just tropes, or convenient sayings to baffle the mind and make the distraction/illusion seem palatable for long enough that the mark purchases it or does not notice his pocket being picked. These people are parasites, everything they say is a lie, and their goal is to leech wealth and power from anyone saner than they are.

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