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Liberal site DailyKos tries to censor flood of leftist anti-Semitism

Holy mackerel.

DailyKos Anti-Semitism

Popular left-wing/liberal (conflatable terms) blog DailyKos has been dealing with a flood of leftist posts mentioning ZOG, Zionist conspiracies, Kennedy assassinations, the whole gig.

Here’s one gem:

In doing so, it incursed beyond the border previously agreed in 1949 Armistice treaty to take advantage of the animosity between Israel and the numerous opponents to commence the Six-Day War that covered a significant portion of gains (Sinai Peninsula, Golan Heights, West Bank, Gaza) and staked East Jerusalem in the process that culminate their victory with celebratory weeps of nationalistic joy. It thus emerged as a major power and a formidable challenger of existing Arabic powers that will decide the fate of the world, beginning with November 22, 1963 coup d’etat in CIA-MOSSAD coordinated assassination of President Kennedy which unnaturally led to the hasty re-evaluation of American foreign policy for adjustion that align with the interests of Israeli state for total compatibility in irreversibly entangled alliance.



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