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Liberal elites are the same worldwide

A selection of comments from a UK newspaper reveals the mentality of our liberal elites — who are social elites, meaning they’re selected for how they appear and not how they perform, just like the latest American travesty, Barack Obama — is the same worldwide. This suggests liberalism is an outward manifestation of a psychological condition:

“What comes over as the heart of labour is how much money they can make any which way they can get their hands on money, how to think up the latest soundbite, what is inovative even if it doesn’t do much good, idiotic phrases like ‘ASBOs’, keystage one etc., cheap celebrities, overpaid footballers, and knighting at the drop of a hat their pals with or without any real merit. Finally is the unelected, power hungry Gordon Brown trying to keep the crown on his head any which way, holding on to the belief he is here to Save the World.”

“Gordon Brown hates everything that is British and if he could he would get rid of the pound and parliament and have Britain run by Brussels.”

“Perhaps if we said that most WAAFs at Bletchley Park were lesbian group outreach workers, the grounds of the house were occupied by an army of Gypsies and the farm was run by Peruvian guinea-pig breeders, we might get some Lottery funding!”

“‘Our’ Labour governments have spent immense energy smearing and slagging off British culture in schools, local authorities, NHS chaplaincies, let alone the race relations industry. We are barely ‘a nation’ anymore. British history, for this regime, is on a par with that of the Third Reich.

Surely you must know that Bletchley Park would be like a white farm to Robert Mugabe – uproot it, it is a token Nazi colonialism, homophobic, enslaving, women hating….Labour hates British cultural history, with a deep irrational hate. And the BBC is its propaganda arm.
And the Tories stink of fear at even disagreeing with all this.”

The Telegraph

Once you have seen it, you’ll never see politics the same way.

Please don’t interpret this post as a defense of walking lock-step conservative — while I think the Republicans are more realistic than liberals, more realistic than stark raving delusional isn’t a prize-winner, if you know what I mean.

We need to act like scientists: figure out what has worked in history, compile it, apply it, and watch it carefully. We also need less ego-drama in our lives, because ego-drama and fear of being inconsequential are the psychological voids that push people toward liberalism and other excuses.

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