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Legitimate Rape

CNN has raised some hackles by reporting that women can rejected unwanted sperm:

A sperm’s swimming motion, speed and viability are affected by the level of genetic compatibility between a female’s cervical mucus and the male’s sperm, found a new study that published Wednesday in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B journal.

A prior study by the same authors found the same thing occurred in a woman’s follicular fluid.

Think of it as a chemical “sorting hat” — dictated by a female’s reproductive secretions — that help sperm who are most likely to give her offspring a genetic boost in survival.

This conflicts with Leftist messaging about the sad case of Todd Arkin who said something similar some time ago:

In reference to pregnancy resulting from rape, Akin told KTVI-TV: “First of all, from what I understand from doctors, that is really rare.

“If it is a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try and shut that whole thing down.”

Akin is incorrect for other reasons, namely that most women will want to abort a child of rape since it is genetically half-rapist. This applies to actual rape and not simply mistaken consent sex as seems to happen frequently in our sexually liberated, casual sex era.

His broader point, that women get pregnant from rape less frequently that one might think, still stands, even if it is being used for the Conservative Inc attempt to redirect from real social issues (the national question, class warfare) to symbolic Christian libertarian signaling (abortion).

Few want to admit that democracy makes dysfunction and therefore the most popular issues are misdirects. Republicans viewed abortion as their way to get the Christian vote, and so they traded away many chances for greater power or stopping the Leftist long march in order to make a symbolic stand against abortion, something quickly erased by the courts or legislation in the next session.

Those of us from the new era of conservatism see no point in fighting abortion directly, but would prefer it be a regular medical procedure that a woman receives from her regular GP when necessary, which would be at the discretion of the GP and enforced through medical ethics organizations.

This clashes with the symbolic need of the Left to have abortion be legal as birth control so that women can feel there are no consequences for their sexual choices, in denial of common sense and nature, since that fits with the Leftist agenda of collectivized individualism.

Ironically, science seems to favor the Republicans on this one.

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