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Leap Into Life (#16): The New New World Order

“Furthest Right” denotes thinking that has taken conservatism to its roots, namely to conserve the good against the constant flood of the bad. Conservatives rarely do this, or at least rarely do it in ways that change anything. They are too busy waving the flag, banning abortion, and praising Jesus/Israel.

You may have noted that conservatives and liberals alike tend to talk in terms of methods and not goals. That is, we can say that war for democracy was a bad method, but we keep to the goal of evangelical spreading of democracy worldwide.

When something goes wrong, people blame the method and not the goal. That way, we do not have to change course, only adjust it slightly. Our environmental policy, for example, likes to ban lightbulbs, but will never talk about overpopulation or urbanization, the real problems that should shape our goal.

Conservatives fall into the same trap when they decide to fight it out on the basis of false dichotomies so that they can avoid criticizing the elephant in the room:

Once again, Americans must choose. Will Americans continue to support escalating proxy war in Ukraine, a byproduct of Washington’s pursuit of global hegemony? Or will Americans demand that Washington defend America’s borders, maintain a republic that upholds the rule of law, respect the cultures and traditions of nations different from us, and trade freely with all nations, even as it protects America’s economic prosperity, its commerce, and its citizens?

The American financial and economic system is at risk of failing catastrophically. And Ukraine is losing the fight with Russia. Unless Americans demand new directions in foreign policy now, as they did in 1968, they will surrender control over their lives and incomes to the Washington elite’s orgy of spending on a dangerous proxy war against Russia and the arbitrary exercise of state power against American citizens at home.

“American hegemony” is not tied to American liberalism.

Think on that one for a moment. Here is a retired colonel telling us that American hegemony is bad because of the things that American liberalism has done. But American hegemony without liberalism is never discussed.

He is criticizing the method — American hegemony — and not its goal, world liberalism.

This way, he can avoid discussing the goal of liberalism and whether or not it is good at all. He has dodged the core of the argument, buried the lede, and deflected from the elephant in the room. Liberalism does not work in any form and tends toward Communism. We know that now.

No matter how we change our methods, if we do not change our goal, our decay will come with us and reach anywhere that we have influence through whatever methods: markets, media, government, internet.

If you want to know what is wrong, consider the takeover of our country by Leftists instead:

At stake is their Corporate Equality Index — or CEI — score, which is overseen by the Human Rights Campaign, the largest LGBTQ+ political lobbying group in the world.

HRC, which has received millions from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation among others, issues report cards for America’s biggest corporations via the CEI: awarding or subtracting points for how well companies adhere to what HRC calls its “rating criteria.”

Businesses that attain the maximum 100 total points earn the coveted title “Best Place To Work For LGBTQ Equality.” Fifteen of the top 20 Fortune-ranked companies received 100% ratings last year, according to HRC data.

CEI, ESG, and DEI are ways in that Leftism influences industry and subverts it just like they subverted education. These people believe in Equality Utopia or at least think there is something in it for them, and they do not care what happens to the nation in the process.

They rely on the good feelings in their minds that “equality” produces, since for some reason they feel like victims of life and want to suspend or destroy nature, logic, history, and culture so that they as individuals can do whatever they want.

Your average Leftist simply wants to be funded by society so they can pursue their own interests and have someone else pay for it, clean up, and beat up anyone who tells them this is illusory.

Their angry and retaliatory way of looking at the world comes from knowing in their inner hearts that they are insisting on something insane and destructive. They want it, however, and they are enraged that anyone else knows better, most of all something like nature or wisdom! Burn it all.

Consequently, Leftist grows like a cancer. All of the people who are looking for scapegoats and talismans cling to it and worship the symbol (=) that seems like it will fix everything at once with no effort or change from individuals.

At some point, enough of them pile up that they can bully everyone else into conforming, and it becomes more a game of hating and smashing the other side than trying to achieve anything. They do not actually believe that their system will work, so they have to stop thinking about reality entirely.

What they want to do is seize control and destroy anyone who disagrees so that they feel better about being Leftists and needing a symbolic secular religion of revenge and hatred. Those who desire equality preach love, but are motivated by a deep rage and impulse to destroy.

There is nothing wrong with American hegemony, but in the years after WW2, it has become neocommunism through liberal democracy, civil rights, mixed economies, and globalism. Throw those out instead, and restore our country to being good, instead of burning everything down like the Leftists do.

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