Furthest Right

Lack of fear of judgment

I spent last night (Saturday night) reading and I feel 100% loser-free.

People who fear being called “losers” because they’re not doing something “hip and cool” as defined by other people are slaves to the social, herd, crowd hive-mind.

Instead, I choose to define my values. What is a good weekend? Doing things I enjoy with people I enjoy. But that’s not an absolute. Sometimes it’s just me. Sometimes it’s others, and not always the same group. Not always a different group, either. It’s what fits. Use your own head. Define your own values.

I see so many people out there who feel they’ve lost their way and become losers if they don’t have a date on a Saturday night, don’t have drugs or drink, don’t have a PS3, or whatever.

Loser is a mentality. The term loser is judged by the crowd. The exception is when you really fail at life: then you’re a loser. But what makes that sting is that you know it, inside. The opposite force is doing what you know to be correct (adaptation to reality) and what is rewarding to you, and not caring what the sheep think.

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