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Kids getting (demographically) stupider

Every now and then there’s something worth explaining in detail because it sounds unlike what it is:

The intellect of even the brainiest 14-year-olds has deteriorated dramatically over the decades despite an increase in the number of pupils achieving top grades in exams.

Their cognitive abilities are level with those of 12-year-olds in 1976, the study found.

Researchers at King’s College London compared the mental agility of 800 bright 13 and 14-year-olds with similar tests carried out some three decades ago.

But only just over one in ten pupils were able to demonstrate a “higher level of thinking” compared to one in four in 1976.

Yahoo! UK

What they mean is not that our brightest kids are slower, but that there are more dumb kids.

Between the many factors possible here, most genetic but some related to worse nutrition, screwed up homes, too much TV and A2M porn, etc., the majority of our population is regressing to chimpanzee or Homo Ergaster abilities.

Signs of the decline? Well, when you consider that high IQ correlates to how wealthy and stable a nation is, suddenly you’ve got a problem.

Check out the table of nation IQs. The United Kingdom was 100; Russia was 96; Mexico was 87. Where would you rather live?


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