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Juneteenth 2024

Happy ideoholiday! This is a political holiday, reflecting an honest holiday years ago in Texas when Juneteenth celebrated a duality: the joy of having slavery end, and the misery of diversity beginning.

Slavery to my mind represents a failed attempt at organizing labor. There is a sweet spot between slavery and unions where markets value higher quality labor and demote lower quality. There will always be a best cobbler, plumber, lawyer, architect, electrician, warrior, or writer; we will often settle for less because it is what we have to spend.

What we know as chattel slavery arose only in the West only after the gentler version, the feudal caste system, was abolished. Previously slaves had status as citizens but limited privileges and duties. The higher the status of someone, the more duties and privileges were assigned to them.

The South held on to an agrarian way of life because this avoided the problems of cities such as the intensely-concentrated humanity on the east coast. However, this could not be supported by slavery, which was expensive and destabilizing, so it was passing on naturally as technology took over.

In their war, the northeast robber-barons wanted to seize the agricultural production of the South in order to make more profits from their textile industry which was driven by northeastern sweatshops staffed with immigrant labor. In the end, Black people ended up working in the fields for less pay and then getting replaced with Mexicans and machines.

Had we been thinking — rare for humanity — it would have been apparent since the start of America that diversity was going to smash us much like it had erupted in many wars in Europe. Slavery was a great stupidity in itself, but the greatest stupidity was bringing diversity to a land which had escaped it.

Similarly immigration turned the northeast into a type of cultureless moronic hell-hole filled with me-first people who were oblivious to anything outside their little social orbits. This, too, was a dead path. In the future, we will see both diversity and cities as threats to human civilization.

Now we have an official holiday while those same northeastern robber-barons, now of different ethnic origins, fete Blacks with lots of recognition with one hand while replacing them with Hispanic immigration with the other. The scam goes on, as it always does in democracy, because no one is accountable for anything but themselves.

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