Furthest Right

It’s not racism to point out that diversity doesn’t work.

I think this needs clearing up, before anyone tries to pigeonhole this blog as either right or left.

We are not racist. Racism means that you prefer one race over all others universally or detest a certain race or races. It is a value judgment and an emotional response.

On the other hand, those who read history will tell you that there is no record of diverse societies being successful — in fact, diversity is one of the stages in the death of a society. Who cares what we prefer when the truth is staring us in the face this way?

For this reason, we refuse to join the “cough knowingly when pictures of black men arrested for crimes appear on the TV” crowd, but we also refuse to join the “make ourselves seem morally superior and witty by making fun of the dumb redneck racists” crowd. Neither of those activities are productive.

We love America. We want practical solutions, and we are scientific (history is our laboratory) about it. Our goal is to find something that works and figure out the moralistic bloviation later.


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