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It never ends…

A pupil walked out of school in protest at the novel To Kill A Mockingbird, describing it as “racially offensive”.

Tinashe Makunike – the only black student in his class – says he felt uncomfortable at the use of racist language by characters in the GCSE set text.

He quit lessons at Holy Family College in Heywood, Rochdale, after a drama company acted out scenes from the text using the word ‘n*****’.

He had already complained about studying it and his requests to read an alternative text were refused.


When you give people victimhood, you encourage them to blame others, in case the victims fail.

They will use this passive aggression again and again, in an ever-tightening spiral, until they shake your society apart.

Furthermore, by rewriting history and science, and claiming there are no biological/evolutionary/genetic differences between the races (there are) and that Africans were enslaved out of cruelty and not because they were a population for sale to the highest bidder as the continent wrestled with its endemic third-world poverty, we are setting ourselves up for an ever-widening circle of what we censor.

This is why all “diverse” (multicultural) societies inevitably give way to instability, which paves the way for tyranny.

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