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It Is Not the Same Nation

Most people participate in something we might call the primal fallacy which states that the world will not significantly change since the time of their puberty. They want to believe that everything is as it was so that they feel they can understand it.

You can see this thinking in a recent neocon screed urging Americans to unity:

America is deeply divided. Our politics is broken, marked by anger, contempt and distrust. We must acknowledge that reality but not lose historical perspective. It’s bad now, but it’s been worse before—and not only during the Civil War.

The implicit argument here is that America is the same nation, therefore whatever we went through in the past that was overcome sets a principle for our situation now, and we can fix it the same way that we did then.

However, the nation has changed. When demographics change, culture changes, and also, the abilities and inclinations of the population change. After events like WW2 and the 1960s, America is not the same place at all, as David Brooks argues with his concept of BOBOs.

The 1960s removed WASPs from power. They are still there, but we have now added another country on top of them, so their voice has been taken away. They are unheard, while whatever flatters the new group wins out at the ballot box, on the television, and in print.

In fact, to be part of the former majority is to hear everyone get heard but your group. Everyone else gets to have their say; you are marginalized not from historical guilt, but because they want to replace you. They need to replace you, otherwise you have power over them.

This is the diversity trap. Like the democracy trap, where giving the vote to everyone marginalizes any realistic voices, the diversity trap guarantees that the majority is shut up by the complaints of all the special interest groups, of which diversity is one segment.

A healthy nation has a single group and a single culture. It makes decisions itself, instead of relying on government, and applies them through informal cultural means like buying patterns and public standards of behavior and appearance.

When you break that group, you break the nation, and replace it with a cultureless grey race that gets its knowledge on how to live from government pamphlets and movies. Naturally this dumbs everything down, and you get a vapid consumerism in place of a once-thriving organic culture.

Diversity has failed worldwide and the response from Democracy Inc has been to double down on it, but that too is failing. Countries are backing off from unlimited immigration because it is slowly dawning on them that this is a fatal path.

Democracies operate by precedent cascade. You start with the idea of political equality, and people build on that by applying the same concept more broadly or in different areas. Next stop is full Communism with diversity to ensure that culture cannot ever again check the “progress” of government.

Election 2020 was important because populism means the organic spirit of the people versus the precedent cascade of democracy, much as it upholds the spirit of the law rather than every persnickety detail. It is about getting back to basic principles.

From those basic principles, we can then derive others. Somewhere in our past however the precedent cascade took over, and people aspired to more democracy instead of the health of the nation. Somewhere in there we fought several wars to spread democracy to the world.

Democracy is not a good thing; it is a disease, and that is why our founding fathers tried to limit it, although most of that was undone during the Civil War period. After that, diversity took over, and you now live in a different country entirely from the one that you were born in.

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