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Invisible Censorship

Late stages of any system tend to be full of neurosis and whining. A system does not get to its end unless there are large problems which are not only ignored but of which mention is censored, leading to a system based on reality-denial that increasing enforces more rules and ostentatious displays of ideological conformity upon its population.

This dovetails with a general observation about signaling: people do it to convey what they want to believe, not what they know to be true. The truly rich do not need to show off their wealth; the people living on paychecks do, so they buy all the gadgets and vacation homes. Their paycheck may be much higher than average but they are still not wealthy.

As democracy winds down, those of us caught in this ugly system spend most of our time fighting about what can be said. The Left wants to censor noticing of the failure of diversity, equality, and socialism; the Right wishes to keep the worst of the blight-obsession away from women and children.

Just like in the fall of Rome or Athens, we are seeing the censorship accelerate as we have less in common thanks to diversity, less hope thanks to addiction to equality, and less money thanks to socialism:

Book bans and attempted book bans continue to hit record highs, according to the American Library Association (ALA). The efforts now extend as much to public libraries as school-based libraries.

Through the first eight months of 2023, the ALA tracked 695 challenges to library materials and services, compared with 681 during the same time period last year, and a 20% jump in the number of “unique titles” involved to 1,915. School libraries had long been the predominant target, but in 2023 reports have been near-equally divided between schools and libraries open to the general public, the ALA announced on Wednesday.

“The irony is that you had some censors who said that those who didn’t want books pulled from schools could just go to the public libraries,”’ says Deborah Caldwell-Stone, who directs the association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom.

Let me stop the discussion right here and ask a relevant question: how many of these libraries have copies of The Turner Diaries? What about Men Among the Ruins? Or even The Bell Curve?

Right-wingers need to start a movement to get copies of The Turner Diaries into these libraries. The resulting outbreak of mass censorship will reveal to us exactly what is going on: invisible censorship.

Instead of demanding that books be banned, Leftists simply refuse to add them to libraries. If they are in the libraries, they get lost or checked out by people who are dead, then declared lost. Maybe they are listed as being on the shelves but simply are not there.

In the past, Leftists vandalized books they did not like, causing libraries to eventually take them off the shelves because they were unreadable. With most librarians leaning toward the Left, it is likely that the real censorship has been going on for decades and the victim is crying out as he strikes us.

To disprove this, it would make sense for Right-leaning patrons to ask their local libraries if they have a copy of The Turner Diaries and, if not, donate one. At that point, any library without it can be ascertained to be engaging in the process of censorship.

We hear a lot of whining about oppression and censorship these days, but most of those actions seem to come from the Left because they hold the political upper hand. In the meantime, they hide their constant censorship behind a wave of solidarity that normal people do not understand because it requires a pathological, singular devotion to ideology.

If a copy of The Turner Diaries showed up in every American library, including school libraries, over the next year, it would provoke a violent reaction by the Left, who will further reveal that while Rightists censor specific topics, Leftists censor everything that is not Leftist while claiming the moral high ground.


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