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Insight Into Evil


The more one looks into life, the greater the presence of pattern and the less of material. A child will feel safe clutching the material of a favorite blanket, but as an adult, it is what the blanket symbolizes that becomes important, like the balance of family, nature and morality that provides safety.

As the globalist liberal democracy charade grinds down with lame attempts to block Brexit in the UK, increasing immigrant insanity in the EU, and the most divisive and bizarre presidential election ever in the USA, it becomes clear that the pattern behind it all is a mode of thinking that justifies itself with what we see as the actual thinking.

This mode of thinking is solipsistic, which means it is a deviation from realism. In life, there is one path to good — unitivity with nature, metaphysics and the intuition — and many paths to evil. The evil that rots the West comes from solipsism.

As with most things in life, the nature of evil is simpler and more obvious than we would imagine. The Greeks called it hubris, or acting outside of the hierarchy of nature, man and the heavens. Another way to put it is that evil consists of those who deny reality in order to seize personal power, much like Adam and Steve in the garden of Eden wanted that apple so they could have the powers of God.

Translated into normal human life, evil represents a desire to defy the process of life so that the intent of the individual has total control over something that it fears. Witness for example this episode from history:

With the help of her former nurse, Ilona Joo, and local witch Dorotta Szentes, Bathory began abducting peasant girls to torture and kill. She often bit chunks of flesh from her victims, and one unfortunate girl was even forced to cook and eat her own flesh. Bathory reportedly believed that human blood would keep her looking young and healthy.

The legend goes that Countess Bathory had her servants collect pure, innocent and lovely virgin girls from the surrounding countryside. They were taken to her castle, where she fed them all manner of sweet delicacies and then put them to bed. In the night, they were taken to the basement and hung upside-down from chains, then had their throats slit and bled out into a large tub in which the Countess then bathed, certain that her beauty would last forever once she absorbed the youth and innocence of her victims.

Evil is fundamentally selfish. This is distinct from self-interest which can coexist with other goals. A human possessed by evil is like a black hole. It absorbs everything around it for its own need, and gives nothing back.

To a person possessed by evil mentation, the rest of us are fools and suckers for not acting the same way. Selfless or benevolent acts appear idiotic and baffling to evil, as does any thinking about the long-term, because for evil only the self and the now exist. Evil specializes in disguising itself as good but only in appearance, because in actuality good is baffling to it.

Evil fools most people by appearing good, and in groups, people prefer evil because they tend toward compromise and pacification rather than indulging conflict. Looking through human history, most of it appears to consist of people misled by evil who follow each other to doom, with only a few who break away toward the light.

All day long the virgins sit and feast on endless meals
The Countless laughs and sips her wine – her skin doth crack and peel
But when nighttime fills the air one must pay the price
The Countess takes her midnight bath with blood that once gave life

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