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Imagine If Sex Were Only For IQs Over 120

I really enjoyed the article by this name, which is about Ashkenazi Jews and their higher average intelligence. Here’s his most vivid metaphor:

Discussing “race” and intelligence is always a touchy subject and definitely not politically correct; but science should not be fettered by the chains of political correctness like a mangy circus lion. It must run free across the intellectual savanna, striking down the juvenile wildebeest of ignorance.


I threw this into the discussion to see if I could raise conversation about an important issue or two:

When it comes to differences between individuals, politics — the larger field of which political correctness is one manifestation — rules the day. Its requirement is simple: offend no one, especially not by mentioning differences between individuals, which makes people feel uneasy.

I think it’s fairly obvious why Jews have higher IQs: they did, and do now, value education and intelligence more than being popular, being a football star, or ascribing to the moral but impractical constraints of a competing religion. This is selective breeding at its finest. Instead of “find a nice man” the dictum becomes “find a smart, capable, aggressive man,” and society upbreeds.

By the same token, if we did reserve sex for people 120 IQ points and above, it’s likely our society would begin again to produce leaders and scientists of great merit, instead of good augmentative researchers and actors behaving like presidents.

The fact of the matter is that Ashkenazi (subset of Jewish ethnicity, which is divided into Ashkenazi (Eastern European) and Sephardim (more like Basques) subtypes) Jews raised their intelligence by valuing smarts and having a clue, specifically an eye toward the professions, while everyone else was busy masturbating over whether or not God said to do this or that.

It’s always easy to distract idiots by throwing in a flawed orthodoxy. They love it because they get to debate it and sound important.

The idiots of Europe united when Christianity came about and splintered the debate into 10,000 interlocked conversations, guaranteed to waste time in the name of the human ego until the society collapsed.

Jews, in the meantime, were smart enough to wipe this plague of neurotic thought from their heads, and focus first on material survival, so they rose while Europe fell.

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