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If TV promotes violence, censor TV

Humans have such big brains we get lost in thought, and the truth staring us in the face gets missed.

I’ve commented on censorship before, and how it’s a social taboo to advocate it, but every nation does it, and every person would censor at least one thing (child pornography, nuclear bomb instructions, SSNs of all citizens). I think it can be a useful tool, but our society fears it mainly because it might interfere with someone somewhere making a buck off our decline:

Cartoon favourites such as Scooby Doo and Pokemon can increase aggression among children because they feature high levels of violence, a controversial study claimed today.

Researchers found although the programmes are aimed at youngsters they contain significantly more brutality than TV programmes intended for general audiences.

Although the violence is in animated ‘fantasy’ form, it can have a similar effect on children’s behaviour as ‘actual’ screen violence since youngsters still identify with characters and copy them, the study warned.

The Daily Mail

Why are we afraid to admit these are destructive and that a smart society would throw them into the dustbin?


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