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How To Get Played as a “Useful Idiot” in 2022

Humans treat the world like another human. Sometimes this human is friendly, and the sun shines and money rains from the sky. Sometimes this human is not friendly, and the bus runs late, the toilet clogs, and Russia invades Ukraine.

Forgive me for simplifying, except that I am not. People are wired to work this way because the conditions of our survival have always involved encountering other humans and finding a way to work with them or at least not kill them.

We would be more honest if our workplace instruction began with “the primary goal is to avoid killing other people, no matter how annoying, insane, or incompetent they are.” The error is in the last part of course, but that is another story.

Part of our problem as a species, then, is that we think in binaries: with-me (“good”) or against-me (“evil”) and then explain them socially as universal absolutes.

We find it hard to say “this does not work for me,” because if it works for another humonkey, then they get ahead. Instead we have to say: this works for no one, burn it to the ground, and all sorts of problems arise from that.

We also fall prey to a passive mindset of accepting or rejecting something offered by others, and taking an ironic position toward whatever seems to be in power because we are dissatisfied with some of it.

For example, if government raises the cost of urinal pucks and that annoys us, then government says the sky is blue, we will insist the sky is green; if society strikes us as prissy, we will form an artistic movement based on green skies.

When in a propaganda war, we find ourselves exploited this way. One side finds something bad about the other side, and uses that as an entry to argue that the other side is 100% bad and therefore the 180 ° position is the only sensible one.

It reminds me of political campaigns: “My opponent claimed that this program would be fully-funded by January, and yet funds did not arrive until March, so he is a bad evil moron jerk liar and you should vote for me on that basis.”

We are in an age of binaries, which tells us that there are even fewer good options than normal. For example, Joe Biden ran on essentially “not being Donald Trump” and has produced, as a result, an administration dedicated to doing the ironic opposite of what Trump would have done, which has resulted in rejecting a lot of practical or realistic solutions, and crashing the economy as a result.

Now we have the Ukraine war, where as is the case in most wars and criminal trials, we do not have good guys versus bad guys, but two groups of grey guys each fighting for their own interests, which makes them bad guys to each other.

  • Just because the media lied about something does not mean the opposite is true. We all know the cringy “Ghost of Kiev” propaganda; that does not mean that everything Russia and China say is true.
  • Just because the West is in the grips of globalism does not mean that it is all bad. A broken clock is right twice a day and the West is responding to an unstable regime, Russia, allied with another, China.
  • Just because we hate the West as it is now does not mean that those who offer themselves as “alternatives” have our best interests at heart; more likely, they are more parasites taking advantage of the corpse twitching.
  • Just because the mainstream media tells comforting lies to the Barcalounger normiebots to keep them believing in modernity (liberal democracy, market socialism, civil rights, and diversity) does not mean that these “alternate” voices are not 100% astroturfed.

We can see this play out daily in our media. They will call one side of anything “Nazis” in order to make the herd rush to the other side, since anti-racism is the dogwhistle for mandatory conformity in this society.

The Useful Idiots of 2022 — parallel to the Useful Idiots of the 1930s-1980s who thought that Communism was the only viable alternative — will be the ones who embrace Putinism over the West instead of rejecting Putinism and fixing the West.

The Russians, of course, are claiming that they are against Nazis, too, which shows that the Russians are part of the same Leftist cancer which is eating the West because of its reliance on egalitarianism.

Both of these operate on the first mover assumption: whoever moves first defines the dialogue. Just like political correctness, they want to frame the question so that you can only agree with them.

Tagging something Nazi, racist, Satanist, “corporate,” etc. is the way that these people tell you it is bad and you should accept only their alternative. Once they get you reacting to that, you are speaking their language.

The correct option is to avoid the binary decision entirely. One set of bad guys says X, another says Y, and you can trust that the answer will have elements of both but not be completely either.

After all, that is how a binary traps you: it insists that you choose 100% of option one or two, not parts of each, something else entirely, or the grand tradition of abstaining until a better option comes along or the ruckus dies naturally.

When we boil all of this down, it becomes very simple.

The West is a doddering empire because it adopted democracy and has been steadily moving away from realism and excellence. As part of this, it adopted the diversity that will kill it.

Russia, which was born diverse from mixed-race origins, wants to be a competing empire and eventually take over, just as their allies the Chinese do. These people want to enslave you and rule you, and they are incompetent.

Your leaders are incompetent because your democracy has run off the road as it tends to do after two centuries. You now have multiple tasks.

  1. Avoid siding with the opportunistic wannabe tyrants like Xi and Putin.
  2. Eject your own wannabe tyrants like Clinton, Obama, Biden, and the RINOs, who are allied with Xi and therefore, with Putin.
  3. Figure out what actually works and keep it, then undo the rest, like diversity, entitlements, forever wars, and so on.
  4. Re-boot your civilization by rediscovering a direction toward excellence again, casting aside the moralism of humanism.

Globalism consists of the US ruling the world through its economy and by extension, its currency. This is how late empires rule: they have the money, so instead of directly manipulating things, they force indirect compliance.

They do this by cutting out from the money circle anyone who does not conform, and then creating incentives to join in the money circle, which requires affirming some babbling gibberish (diversity, transsexualism, democracy, humanism) as truth.

Once they have done that, they are the bureaucrat-kings; they rule from their desks with the phone and pen, manipulating the entire world through their choice of symbol and emotion.

This is how the Asiatic tyrants like Darius and Genghis Khan ruled of old, and it is what bright-but-not-that-bright humans aspire to in every age, since it seems like it will work forever.

In reality, it kills the goose that laid golden eggs, which is the production of high-IQ mentally clear people who have an impulse toward excellence through creativity and productivity.

Without those, any civilization collapses. The methods of control — race guilt, entitlement bribes, meritocracy, political correctness, bureaucracy — all work against the production of such people, and in doing so, kill civilization.

You are not going to find simple answers in your quest to reverse that process of decay, least of all skipping to The Other Side when you have a tantrum at one political party or entity. You have to look within.

When you do that, you see that everything that is odious in the West exists more fluidly in Russia and even to a greater degree in China. This means that on the shelf of political products, you have nothing but bad options, some worse than others.

To fix this, you will have to get off that easy chair and actually change how we are thinking and acting. Our solution lies within ourselves and our culture, not by choosing one set of aspiring tyrant-bureaucrats over another.

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