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How the third world wages war on the first world

Hamas is beginning to see something else. At this point, the best way to destroy Israel, is to leave it exactly as it is.

Titrate, adjust the flow of rockets fired at Israeli civilians to a level which is thoroughly acceptable to the rest of the world, but which is also entirely unbearable to Israelis.

Then, sit back and watch demographics and despair work their magic. No wonder Hamas officials who are seen as moderates urge a 50-year truce. By that time, Israeli Arabs will be able to simply vote the Jewish state off the map.


You rarely see it said so plainly: impoverished people wage war on wealthier people by trying to provoke them with passive aggression, thus building a crowd opposed to them, all while outbreeding them.

Gypsies in Europe.

Mexicans in the USA.

Vietnamese in China.

It’s all the same, and it doesn’t end until things get so out of hand a war is required. We could avoid that war, but we’d have to get over our personal pretense as saviors of the third world, and relegate them to a proper sphere.


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