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How Many Other News Stories Are Buried?

American society has split into its usual cliques, with one group asserting that it represents the truth and that the other group are conspiracy theorists, while the other group maintains that those in power are muting the truth for their own gain. This is typical in a democracy.

And in the meantime, controversies which could easily be dismissed if people had been straightforward now become attention centers, which means that evidence is coming out of the woodwork and we have no idea whether it is presented to get to the truth or simply to make a profit of all of that free media attention.

Andy Warhol got it partially right: every person may have their fifteen minutes of fame, but those minutes are actually free advertising, and so you either find a way to become a permanent celebrity in that time or you fade away into standard modern equality, which means insignificance.

VDARE notes another buried story: the media still denies that Clinton-Bush programs to expand minority home ownership caused the housing bubble meltdown.

In other news, we have an Asiatic Kim Philby rampaging through the CIA. Was it collegiate Communism, as recruited Philby, or ethnic loyalty, that caused this series of leaks?

We will never know. These stories are buried, which means they get reported on in the most uninteresting way possible and then shelved while other stories are hyped, so that whatever was communicated is missed by most people and then falls right into the memory hole. Our media is as controlled as it was under the Soviets, but that story got buried too.

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