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Today I concede my entire collection of Internets. I have been to the apex of Vile Troll Mountain. I no longer feel jealousy or concern. I have witnessed a level of trolling, I know that I will never aspire to. This. I have now beheld trolling artistry and can relax and no longer worry about my inadequate game.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Sunday said that the fact that Ukraine’s president is Jewish does not contradict Moscow’s claims that it launched the invasion to “denazify” the country, claiming that even Hitler “had Jewish blood.”

The time has come for me to inspect and maintain the power-washer I keep in my garage. Heads will soon explode, and I will need to hose down the sidewalk for the sake of sanitation and sanity. If fact, the cerebral ejection events have commenced.

“This is an unforgivable and scandalous comment, a terrible historical error and we expect an apology,” Lapid said. “Hitler was not of Jewish origin and the Jews did not murder themselves in the Holocaust. The lowest form of racism against Jews is blaming the Jews themselves for antisemitism.”

Added Lapid: “We are making every effort to maintain good relations with Russia, but there is a line, and this time the line has been crossed. The Russian government must apologize to us and to the Jewish people.”

I regret that Vladimir Putin is preoccupied with onocological issues. His response to (((Lapid))) would be genuinely amusing. (((Stalin))) and (((Marx))) have been said to have Jewish blood as well. Throw in (((¡HITLER!))) and you get an Alexander Ovechkin hat-trick. I’m tying my shoes in double Nazis when I go jogging this evening. I’ll get around to that after I stop laughing.

This is evil and diabolical blood libel. It also represents the way in which Israel should be treated when they overstep their bounds. I think The Jew BBQ was bad. You think The Jew BBQ was bad. We all think The Jew BBQ was bad. You also should never attach the yarmaluke to one of their heads with 10-penny nails. It’s pretty darn mean.

On the other hand, Jewish people need to stop using garbage that transpired in 1944 as a fulcrum to leverage people’s lives in 2022. The Nazis alleged zapped 6 Mil Jews. The Nazis zapped 27 Mil Russians. Who has a bigger reason to remain pissed? The Jews got handed a new country. The Soviets got what they were willing to die in waves for during Operation Mars and Operation Bagration.

The Jews have just been reminded they are not dealing with Schmuck Whitey Leftists in Jew Yawk City. Complaining about anti-semitism to a nation that suffered 80 years of crap after Vladimir (((Lenin))) ran their government out of town lacks decency. Communism left Russia with the world’s hardest pounding vodka hangover. Very few racial cohorts have done more to support and spread Communism than wealthy, secular Jews. When the Russians remind Israel about (((!HITLER!))) they are dosing Israel with a well-earned treatment of humility.

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