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Heating up the ethnic-cultural comedy

Now that we’ve got a black president, people are feeling more empowered to make comedy not about empowerment, but about mocking stupidity. In this case, it’s trans-racial appropriation of a grotesque caricature of that moronic subculture that imitates the music and lifestyle made by black people and predominantly consumed by bored suburban youth: gangsta rap.

There is a huge population of people trying to make themselves look like gangsters and thugs while talking in fabricated words and taking shirtless pictures of themselves in their bathrooms with camera phones. Fat 19-year-old’s with half a dozen children that they dress up like dolls keep trying to talk to me as if I think they are human beings. I’ve decided to go undercover and infiltrate their community by acting as one of their own. Here are the results of my experiment…

Most of those ensnared are black, but not all. He’s an equal opportunity stupidity identifier. Look for this meme to catch on as people stop tolerating stupidity because it appears under the guise of racial empowerment.

And also from the “Let’s all be equal” comedy files:

A drug that stimulates the body’s tanning response — turning pasty skin caramel for up to two months — has been approved for human trials, but not for tanning.

“It’s a bioabsorbable implant that you just inject into the skin,” said Colin Mackie, director of business development for Clinuvel, the company bringing the drug to the U.S. “It stimulates melanin production.”

Melanin is the body’s natural pigment. It’s responsible for the color of skin and protects humans from harmful solar radiation.


Reminds me of the time Oliver Wendell Holmes turned Steve Dallas “black” with his melanin ray.

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