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Hate Values Survey

These are always fun because while wildly inaccurate because they must frame questions rather than assess depth, quality, and context to our beliefs, they capture a basic thumbs-up/thumbs-down view of some comical issues.

Take the Hate Values survey if you want to see if you could beat my high score.

I tend to fall between the cracks on these. I am not just a White Supremacist but a Cro-Magnid Supremacist only in the sense that, in our societies, there should be only White (ethnic Western European Nordid-Cromagnid-Dalofaelid) people, and these people should be acting according to their culture only.

As a nationalist, I would exclude all Other groups:

  1. Root races: there are four — Africans, Asians, Caucasians, Dravidians — and we want only Caucasians of our ethnic type (Western European).
  2. Hybrids: those who are of mixed-race by heritage, such as in the middle east or near east, cannot be among us either, because they introduce Asian, African, and Dravidian genetics among us.
  3. Mixed-Whites: these are basically White groups with trace admixture from multiple other root races, generally the Irish, Southern, Mediterranean, Irish, Eastern, and Irish Europeans.

Do I believe in Black Supremacism? For Black people, yes. They need control of their future, according to their culture, with only their people in power. This is common sense. But not here; they need to be in Africa and non-African groups need to be out of Africa.

The animal rights questions threw me for a bit of a loop. I believe in the natural order including predation, am not sure that “pet ownership” describes the relationship I have with my dogs and cats unless it means “pet ownership of humans,” have no problem with vegans or vegetarians, and think that Human Supremacism is a worldwide problem. The only solution is Half Earth or something like it.

As far as transgenders, furries, and homosexuals, mine is a nuanced view: they should be able to do what they want in the privacy of their bedrooms, but we have a right and a need not to see it or hear about it. Be gay quietly. If you cannot, you are not homosexual but actually just a narcissistic sociopath using homosexuality as your cover story.

Pedophiles get the chipper. I doubt anyone sane disagrees with this. I do not think they need treatment; I think mental health is a binary, in that some conditions are transient and some represent “broken brains.” Pedophilia, rape, schizophrenia, and other serious disorders are probably the latter. You cannot do anything with a broken brain animal like a pedophile except make them into useful compost. It’s sad, no one likes it, but this is the bottom line.

As a Galtonian eugenicist, I have no problem with societies filtering out mental defectives — retards, the insane, idiots, career criminals, and perverse/promiscuous people — but tend to favor exile. Send them to the third world and let nature sort out the rest.

There was no question for “Would you send all altruistic egalitarians to Venezuela and delete their citizenship?” but I’d like to be able to check that one hard.

I scored in the middle on Philo-Semitism/Anti-Semitism because of two things. First, while I think the Holocaust happened, I don’t trust the official story any more than any of the Allied or Axis propaganda from WW2. I don’t think the Nazi response was appropriate, nor do I think the Allies did a good job of making the historical home of the Jewish people (Israel, then called “Palestine” because it was under British occupation as they tried to be the New Roman Empire) available for Jewish refugees. I think only Jews and all Jews need to go to Israel, have the Palestinians removed and its borders expanded, for the preservation of the Jewish people. As a Nationalist, of course, I oppose all Other living among us, mostly for our protection but also for theirs, as the Dreyfuss affair, pogroms, and Holocaust show us is necessary.

Most of this stuff will not dope out on any type of test where the questions are multiple-choice or binary and not open-ended. It is simply too complex. But as a starting point, these tests can force you to clarify some issues through their version of the Socratic method, which is asking you bluntly which tradeoffs you will make in order to have a functional civilization.

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