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Happy Victims of Democracy Day!

Humanity has languished in an age of illusion for the past millennium. This time was defined by modernity, or the idea that liberalizing rules so that the individual could pursue his own desires would lead to Utopia.

Like all of the worst ideas, this one did not fail suddenly and decisively, but instead slowly rotted everything until there was little left of the good from which to restart. It acted like a disease more than an error of choice.

As a result, people have kicked the can down the road for generation after generation. Leaving an intractable mess to your grandchildren seems destructive, but most people did it because they could not figure out how to stand up to the bullying of peer pressure for Utopian ideas.

Our solution to social disorder has been pluralism, or the idea that everyone does whatever they want and, if they do not step on each others’ toes too much, they can pretend to get along. This unity by negativity — fear of decay — does not lead to building civilization, only letting it erode.

All of our modern ideas fall under this umbrella. Communism, anarchism, libertarianism, organized religion, utilitarianism, bureaucracy… all of these rely on granular individuals responding to mutual materialistic motives and fears, with no sense of a positive goal.

Not surprisingly, the society which was built under the kings has declined under this series of regimes. Until we return to tradition, where we see life as having a sacred goal based around the pure mathematical logic of nature, we will not see how we need kings, culture, and purpose.

In the meantime, the victims of democracy pile up. Not just the nearly forgotten dead of the world wars but the ordinary lives destroyed by jobs, casual sex, drugs, paranoia, pollution, and constant advertising/graffiti. Democracy makes people go slowly insane.

Our society under democracy has avoided the issues it fears and has pursued obsessive symbolic purity instead, like an addict who wants to purge anything but his addiction in the hope that it will make him like it. We are out of control and have been for a long time, doing horrors in our wake.

Today remember the victims of democracy and the glorious dead who have opposed it. Tomorrow, we will awaken under an ashen sky, focus our energies, and begin aspiring to what comes next. We do this because we have not hope but an understanding of life and its patterns.

Democracy has reached its apex, begun its fall, and now approaches terminal velocity at the ground it finds immorally rushing up to smite it. All of the countries of the world are run by sociopaths, out of money, and spiraling into decay and vengeance loops.

No one is doing anything right, so no one wants to change. But the question is not whether things are bad, but what we could be doing instead. Perhaps out there, when one escapes the neurosis of modernity, there is a bond between the eternal cosmos and the inner self that could show us a joy in life again.

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