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Happy Birthday Hitler!

I get that people want to like Adolf Hitler. He was one of the first pro-White advocates, supported eugenics, wanted more nature preserves, and understood that you should throw Communists out of helicopters.

He got unfairly slandered. The under three hundred thousand Jews who died in his camps perished from diarrhea, mostly. There were some executions.

His totalitarian state was less totalitarian than we think. People were able to even organize against it from within it, as long as they did not directly attack his party.

For people like me, who commit to ultimate cultural liberalism, it makes sense to see what the demonized figures in history actually believed. Very rarely does someone get everything wrong; even Genghis Khan and Xerxes got some things right.

In the end, however, what makes National Socialism a failure is that it tried to use government to limit government. Where the Americans had a version of this based in law, for Hitler the solution was a total state. The problem with this is that it follows the French Revolution model.

That includes the need for a talisman-scapegoat dichotomy because the state does not exist in nature, and needs a reason to exist, but this reason is conjectural and therefore vulnerable to criticism. The reason becomes the talisman, and anything in its way becomes the scapegoat.

Naturally this leads to abuses. If you say that other races are the problem, eventually you or those following you will do something rash.

If you say that diversity is the problem, you do not get that boost of revenge feelings that makes for good politics, but you avoid the horrible outcomes and can instead fix policies that lead to stupid places.

The total state that Hitler created was almost as unstable as Communism and was prone to excesses in addition to a massive bureaucracy. This is the opposite of the direction humanity needs.

While he was correct about diversity, eugenics, and environmentalism, Hitler also built a replacement for culture in his total state and ideology. This made people more helpless and weakened culture even while claiming to strengthen it.

Even more, he did not practice sensible racial hygiene, since he was willing to include people who were an eighth, a quarter, or a half foreign in his new German population.

Hitler then embarked upon a militaristic program which was sure to trigger the world that had just suffered through the first world war. It was inevitable that a negative backlash would occur as soon as he began seizing territories unrelated to reclaiming Germany.

As Hitler passes into history, we need new pro-European heroes, which means those who favor the idea of monoethnicism but also traditional society. Maybe we should look toward Arminius and allow art student Hitler a well-deserved rest.

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