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Good liberal nutcases offended by common sense

Today’s liberal denial of science and common sense comes to you from that heartland of armchair bloviation, Europe:

Daniel James, 23, from Sinton Green in western England was paralyzed from the chest down in March 2007 when a rugby scrum collapsed on top of him during match practice.

James died on September 12 after he “traveled to Switzerland with a view to ending his own life. He was admitted to a clinic where he died.”

James’ parents Julie and Mark said that he had attempted to kill himself several times already.

“His death was an extremely sad loss for his family, friends and all those that care for him but no doubt a welcome relief from the ‘prison’ he felt his body had become and the day-to-day fear and loathing of his living existence, as a result of which he took his own life.

James’ parents added that their son, “an intelligent young man of sound mind,” had never come to terms with his condition and was “not prepared to live what he felt was a second-class existence”.


Both the left and the right deny science, and with it, common sense.

If we have free choice, we should be able to choose death, or even denial of free choice. This is a paradox our liberal society can’t get its mind around: you can vote for more freedoms, but you can’t vote to end democracy. You can choose any blown-out lifestyle you want, but you cannot choose to die.

This guy clearly knew what he wanted and as an athletic, active person found being “handicapped” a big issue. In fact, he cut to the core of this issue: we can call them handi-capable and pretend it’s not a big deal, but if you’re in a wheelchair, it’s still going to define your life, no matter how many “uplifting” television specials about Helen Keller you watch. You may fight back, and that’s honorable, but so is making an early exit because you don’t want to live that way.

Of course, our nanny state society is horrified by this, because they in fear of death and mayhem make peace and survival goals above all else, apparently even above basic logical analysis.


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