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The Left must be thanking its lucky stars that COVID-19 came along. Just as all of the Leftist programs were failing simultaneously, and worldwide faith in democracy was falling to new lows, in came a real disaster to unite us just like WW2.

Or so they thought.

While the coronavirus first seemed as if it would serve as an acceptable scapegoat for the failure of Leftism — diversity failing, equality creating enmity, mass incompetence of democracy, pollution threatening lives, food and water stocks failing, and war looming — the divisions in our population emerged.

We can see two groups: the unisonists, who want us all to do the same methods in unison so that no one gets ahead of anyone else, and the naturalists, who want us to each find our niche and for natural selection to trim the weak from among us while promoting the strong so we get stronger as a group.

Unisonists come from the oldest human impulse, fear. They fear that someone has something that they do not. They fear that their own inability to achieve the same thing will place them at a lower rank. In fact, they know they are lesser than others, but want to use the power of the herd to obliterate that.

The naturalists accept that there is an order larger than the self, that we all fit within it, and that we have a niche in it, both in terms of vertical rank and specialization. They do not look for universal truths and rules; they want to find something that works for them.

Right now, the naturalists have accepted risk because they recognize that life is uncertain and things sometimes turn out badly. It is better, they think, to have a functional civilization with some deaths than a dysfunctional civilization with slightly fewer deaths.

Even more, they are skeptical of the panic. Like President Trump said when this began, the virus may be real but the response is more of a freakout than a measured, orderly, and logical response. If we had all just worn masks and avoided large gatherings, life could have gone on.

Instead, we face the Leftist dream: a crashed economy, worldwide political instability, and no way out except a great war for democracy against the “fascist” Chinese. While China is undoubtedly bad news, the correct response would be to sever the ties of globalism and let China collapse on its own.

The unisonists fear hierarchy more than failure. They would rather be equal in a failed society than unequal in a successful one, where naturalists believe that it is better to be the lowest peasant in a thriving small town than a nobody in a cultureless big city.

Leftists wanted to scapegoat this virus, destroy civilization, and rebuild as their ideal equality-Utopia. Instead they have just initiated another conflict, namely one in which those of us who are not unisonists find ourselves pulling away from the madness, and recognizing that we must defeat it, not merely coexist with it.

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