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Globalization is war on all but the multinational super-rich

This is a class struggle; it has always been a class struggle and it is always going to be a class struggle. We can cloak the issue of globalization in the mantle of altruism, that this is good for all concerned, but that is just not so. Globalism is good for the investment class and the ownership class and the banking class.

Globalism has injured working people on every continent on the planet. In the disguise of free trade, polluting industries migrate to where the laws most allow pollution. Globalism has brought about societal breakdowns everywhere that it goes. Subsistence farmers in Mexico find their water supply polluted by a US-owned blue jean factory. Unable to grow crops they abandon the land and head north to the United States, adding to the problem of illegal immigration.

Mexican peasant farmers must now compete with US agribusiness in their domestic market place and find themselves pushed below subsistence level. In our domestic market coffee prices have soared, but the amount of revenue going to the farmers has gone down. Free trade has benefited the coffee consortia, but the revenue is never passed along to the workers.

Some Libbity Hipster

The rest of the article is bloviation, but he points out a truth that’s ignored:

Civil rights/globalism/enfranchisement benefit the illusion of freedom necessary for elites to manipulate us at great profit.

It’s all a facade. Show a pretty face to hide an ugly truth.

And The People fall for it every time. End democracy!

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